Real Estate Trends: Natural Stone Steps

One of my jobs as Director of Operations is to stay on top of the trends in various industries related our business. This includes real estate trends (commercial & residential), the building materials industry, stone veneer, technology, and of course, manufacturing. As I continue to read articles and analyze our data I have noticed a […]

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How to Create Shade in Your Garden

The last trip I made to a colleague of mine gave me a clear picture on how a garden can be sculpted to a space of undisturbed relaxation away from the indoors. On a cool day, it is the ultimate place to get some fresh air, but in the heat of summer, even a lavishly […]

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Delgado Stone Introduces New Stone Veneer Collection

For Immediate Release:

Brookfield, CT – July 4, 2017: As the United States of America celebrates its 241st birthday, we are excited to introduce our new stone veneer collection: Sterling Tan. The Sterling Tan Collection by Delgado Stone is a rare quartzite native to New England. The color range features medium tans and grey with occasional rust […]

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Top 5 Building, Design, and Decor Stories of the Week

It was another interesting week in the building, architecture, and landscape industry. The end of June and heading into the 4th of July weekend, the industry often sees a bit of slow down as people take their Summer vacations but we are sending out thinstone and building veneer by the truckload (and LTL) on a daily […]

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5 Tips for Outdoor Landscape Design

Designing a landscape is more than just planting a few trees and tending to a flower garden. It’s all about considering ways to achieve a harmonious atmosphere between the outdoors and the built environment. It’s not an easy task to achieve and requires a lot of careful planning and considerations. Luckily we’ve rounded up 5 […]

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