Understanding Natural Stone Veneer

Before you place your order for natural stone veneer it’s important for you to understand what you are buying. Natural stone, or real stone veneer, is beautiful because it’s not perfect. It’s from the Earth and shaped into rough patterns so the owner of the project can make it look the way they want it […]

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Delgado Stone Earns “User Choice Award” for October

November 4, 2017
**For Immediate Release**
Brookfield, CT: Delgado Stone Distributors, a leading manufacturer of natural stone veneer products, recently earn the “User Choice Award” as Manufacturer of the Month for October 2017. The nomination was announced in September on the CADdetails blog and the winner was announced on October 27, 2017, via the CADdetails Facebook Page.

“Any time […]

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Veneer Stone Fireplace Project

One of the greatest pleasures we have in the building materials industry is to see how our products are used from start to finish. We recently received pictures from Leslie Gustafson & Co., an Interior Design Firm in New York, of a veneer stone fireplace project. A common misconception when working with real stone veneer is […]

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Delgado Stone Nominated for Manufacturer of the Month

CADdetails has announced their nominations for Manufacturer of the Month and Delgado Stone is on the list. The announcement was made on September 26, 2017, via their blog. According to their website, CADdetails has a community of more than 450,000 architects, engineers, and other industry professionals. Their mission “is to help bring design projects to […]

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What Is New England Fieldstone Veneer?

If you are in the real stone veneer world you have been part of a conversation regarding “New England Fieldstone” or “CT Fieldstone” veneer. When people look at a fieldstone product versus a quarried stone they always ask: what’s the difference?
The simple answer is that a fieldstone is harvested from a field while a quarried […]

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