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Three Common Applications For Adding Stone On A House

10/7/20 9:00 AM / by Noah Dempsey posted in Homeowners, Installation, Outdoor Design, Thin Stone Veneer, Thinstone Veneer, Stone siding, modern design, Residential Projects, Square & Rec, home design, Home Renovations, Home Decor, new home, Sustainable Products, Design Trends, Exterior Design, Design Ideas


Using natural stone in any capacity can make a sizeable impact on the exterior design of any new or existing home. Stone has often been used for exterior home design projects not only for the appeal it brings but it's longevity throughout different climates. There are many ways to include natural stone in a exterior home project. Here we detailed three of the most common applications.

Greenwich Blue natural stone siding

Greenwich Blue Squares and Rectangles Siding

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Three Projects That Showcase The Versatility Of Natural Stone

8/28/20 10:30 AM / by Noah Dempsey posted in Home Improvement, Inspiration, Outdoor Design, Thin Stone Veneer, Trending, Building Materials, modern design, Residential Projects, Unique Products, Design Inspiration, New Products, Hardscape, Exterior Design, Design Ideas


We are always anticipating and preparing for different applications of natural stone. With the introduction of our Saw Shop this year we’ve been able to create more products to  contribute to unique projects such as this walkway, this patio and others. The versatility of natural stone has been on full display this year and these three projects showcase that.


Old New England Rounds Walkway

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How to Buy Thin Stone Veneer

3/4/18 10:11 AM / by Mike Wolfe posted in Thin Stone Veneer, natural stone resources


You would think buying thin stone veneer would be simple. Find the color (or colors) you like, pick the pattern, purchase, and install. Those may be the steps but I can tell you from my experience working with customers it’s never that easy. I understand why… it’s a big decision. If you buy the right stone veneer you likely won’t have to replace it in your lifetime... maybe even two lifetimes.

Stone Veneer Exterior

"The Bronxville Blend"

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Natural Thin Stone Veneer v. Full Bed Veneer - What's the Difference?

9/2/16 2:41 PM / by DelgadoStone posted in Full Bed, Full Bed Veneer, Natural Stone, Thin Stone, Thin Stone Veneer

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A common question we receive is “what is the difference between Full Bed Veneer and Thin Stone Veneer”? We’re fortunate enough to create both Full Bed and Thin Stone here and while thin stone is more popular, there are those who prefer the full bed veneer for their project.

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5 Advantages of Natural Thin Stone Veneer

8/26/16 9:44 AM / by DelgadoStone posted in Natural Stone, Thin Stone, Thin Stone Veneer, Veneer


Natural or man-made… that is the question? Whether you’re a homeowner looking to renovate part of your house or a commercial contractor designing the the lobby of an apartment building, the decision must be made on whether or not you will use natural thin stone or faux stone.

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