Prefabricated Fireplace Kits

Delgado Stone is proud to partner with Mason-Lite to bring you a collection of prefabricated fireplace kits designed to make any project a special one. Mason-Lite Prefabricated Fireplace Kits come with everything you need for a quick installation that will help keep the cost of your project down. 

Mason-Lite fireplaces are made from high quality pumice aggregate to create a strong yet lightweight product. This lightweight design allow for easy install, typically requiring a two person team 2-3 hours for complete installation. Mason-Lite fireplaces are also very durable, creating the perfect canvas for our Natural Thinstone Veneer or Thinstak Veneer products.

For more about Mason-Lite by MFI visit their website or check out these commonly asked quesitons.

Product options: 

  • MFP 39, MFP 39-P, MFP 39-PD
  • MFP 44, MFP 44-P, MFP 44-PD
  • MFP 49, MFP 49-P, MFP 49-PD
  • MFP 63
  • Pizza Oven Option

*MFP Models are standard kits which include prefabricated pieces for easy installation, mortar, a t-bar for lintels, and re-bar

 MFP-P Models include a standard kit plus 2' of masonry chimney

 MFP-PD Models include a standard kit plus 2' of masonry chimney and a herringbone-style brick insert

Mason Lite Catalog

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Mason-Lite MFP 39 Spec Guide

Mason-Lite MFP 39 Fireplace   Spec Guide

Mason-Lite MFP 44 Spec Guide

Mason-Lite MFP 44 Fireplace  Spec Guide

Mason-Lite MFP 49 Spec Guide

Mason-Lite MFP 49 Fireplace   Spec Guide

Mason-Lite MFP 63 Spec Guide

Mason-Lite MFP 63 Fireplace   Spec Guide

Mason-Lite Pizza Oven Spec Guide

Mason-Lite Pizza Oven Guide

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Mason-Lite MFP Fireplace Installation Guide