Delgado Stone cuts natural thinstone veneer corners to match all stone products and patterns. Corners are sold by the Linear Foot (LFT) and weigh approximately 12 lbs. per LFT. All of our corners have a clean and true 90 degree cut making them ideal for application.

Each thinstone veneer corner is cut to approximately 1″ thickness with a 1/4″ tolerance. Each corner matches the individual pattern specifications and ranges in length from 4″-12″ and a width of 3″-6″. Our corners are packaged and can be ordered in increments of 6, 50, or 100 LFT.

The 6LFT crate provides our dealers with an opportunity to receive a prepackaged crate that can be sold to customers without having to take the time to package them yourself. For shipping purposes, we can fit 18 boxes (6LFT/box) on a pallet. This provides you with 108 LFT of corners to sell to your customer.

Do I Need Corners?

Every project is different and the quantity of corners required will vary based on the project specifications. Corners are often used for columns, pillars, and wrapping around the side of a wall. All corners are measured prior to packaging to assure the proper quantity is received with each order.

For more information or any additional questions regarding our thinstone veneer corners please contact your Delgado Stone Authorized Dealer or our customer service team.

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