Lisa Miller 1/26/24 10:00 AM 7 min read

3 Exterior Projects that Showcase the Sterling Tan Collection

Natural stone adds character to any space with different textures, color variations, and patterns, especially when combined with creative designs and installations! Many natural stone collections are predominantly tan or grey, with hints of additional tones that give it a unique look. If you're looking for a collection that includes both tans and greys, along with hints of rust and clay colors, Sterling Tan may be the right fit for your project. Here are three projects featuring Sterling Tan, and some possible outcomes when incorporating it into a variety of exterior designs.

Sterling Tan Mosaic Exterior Siding

Sterling Tan Mosaic adds visual impact to this exterior design.

In the photo above, Sterling Tan Mosaic gives the exterior siding a warm, inviting look that enhances the light siding and dark accents. Multiple shades of tan and grey add depth and color to the overall design and to the visual appeal of the property, thanks to the skilled craftsmanship of the team at Amedore Homes that fits each piece of stone veneer together seamlessly.  

Sterling Tan Roughly Squares & Rectangles Exterior Fireplace

This Sterling Tan Roughly Squares & Rectangles fireplace combines with pavers to create a unique patio design.

This exterior fireplace in the project shown above incorporates Sterling Tan Roughly Squares & Rectangles into the outdoor living space and brings different components together in the patio design. Kellaband Construction LLC combined the natural stone veneer with Cambridge Pavers to achieve this stunning look. The tans and greys in the fireplace are neutral enough to blend with the pavers and other materials, and varied enough to make it stand out as the focal point of the design. 

Sterling Tan Ashlar Stone Wall

The Sterling Tan Ashlar for this stone wall was supplied by SBI Materials

This Sterling Tan Ashlar stone wall adds definition to the property, and color and texture to the landscape design. The neutral tones create a sense of harmony with nature, and showcase the versatility of the collection to accomodate various design schemes. The Ashlar pattern, which features the inside cut of the stone, enhances different colors of the collection. 

The combination of medium greys and medium tans in the Sterling Tan Collection offers a natural variation of colors that create a consistent and stunning look. This collection is a great way to personalize your natural stone project, whether your style is classic or contemporary! For more ways to add Sterling Tan (or any other stone collection) to any aspect of your home, download our ebook, "27 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Using Natural Stone" here.