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Natural Ledgestone Veneer Siding: American Mist

3/24/18 9:27 AM / by Mike Wolfe posted in Thinstone Veneer, Stone siding, American Mist


When we received the order for our American Mist Ledgestone we were very excited to see how this project turned out. It’s always exciting to see pictures of our stone on completed projects but it’s not every day it goes with one of the fastest growing franchises in the world!

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Thin Natural Stone Veneer - It’s Worth The Investment!

3/16/18 10:42 AM / by DelgadoStone posted in Natural Stone Veneer, Veneer Fireplace, Building Materials


When people consider thin natural stone veneer they immediately think it’s too expensive. It isn’t until they explore the alternatives that they begin to understand that natural stone is not only comparable to the alternatives, it’s actually an investment!

Greenwich Blue SR.jpg

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5 Reasons to Work With An Authorized Dealer

3/7/18 11:59 AM / by Mike Wolfe posted in Delgado Stone Dealers, Masonry, Stone Veneer


We get more calls from people asking to buy direct than you can imagine. Our Customer Experience Team is always happy to help but in the end we ask for their zip code so we can direct them to one of our Authorized Dealers. As more of our competitors shift towards a “direct” model (B2C) we’re focused on developing relationships with the right partners.

Delgado Stone Dealer Display

A Display Setup by an Authorized Dealer

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How to Buy Thin Stone Veneer

3/4/18 10:11 AM / by Mike Wolfe posted in Thin Stone Veneer, natural stone resources


You would think buying thin stone veneer would be simple. Find the color (or colors) you like, pick the pattern, purchase, and install. Those may be the steps but I can tell you from my experience working with customers it’s never that easy. I understand why… it’s a big decision. If you buy the right stone veneer you likely won’t have to replace it in your lifetime... maybe even two lifetimes.

Stone Veneer Exterior

"The Bronxville Blend"

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What Are The Best Resources for Contractors?

2/20/18 6:00 AM / by Mike Wolfe posted in Resources, Masons, Contractors


As we head into the 2018 Spring market our educational quest continues. This post features some of the best resources for contractors. Contractors and masons are in an extremely competitive market and while materials, gas, labor, and insurance can be costly, there are tools and resources that can help contractors stay competitive.


American Mist Ledgestone Patio

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