Lisa Miller 4/25/24 4:00 PM 8 min read

3 Patio Designs Enhanced by Sawn Flagstone

Patios are one of the most popular and versatile elements for outdoor living projects. Building an open-air space for entertaining, reconnecting, and indulging in leisure time is an investment in the home that undoubtedly improves the quality of life. Using Sawn Flagstone offers an opportunity to personalize different-sized patios, achieve specific design goals, and create spaces that fit individual preferences and lifestyles. These three patio projects featuring Sawn Flagstone showcase different ways to add visual impact and functionality to spaces made for bringing people together. 

Old New England Wall Sawn Flagstone PatioOld New England Wall Sawn Flagstone supplied by NH Thinstone

Patios offer an extended space to host company and enjoy meals--and this one, featuring the talents of Stephens Landscaping, takes the design to another level (not to mention, the view!) Old New England Wall Sawn Flagstone, adds a splash of color and elegance to the backyard, which is already immersed in nature with the landscape and the lakefront. An outdoor kitchen, a separate seating area, and plenty of open space make this patio stand out on every outdoor occasion. 

Liberty Hill Sawn Flagstone Patio

Liberty Hill Sawn Flagstone for the pool patio supplied by Byram Mason.

The pool project shown above is a great way to showcase the beauty and versatility of Sawn Flagstone, and how it can be used alongside other materials! Liberty Hill Sawn Flagstone features blue-grey tones with a hint of brown and pink, which add a unique touch to the patio overlooking the pool. The combination of different materials creates a personalized look and a charming atmosphere to enjoy pool time, socializing, or observing from the background. The greenery also adds color, scenery, and privacy. 

American Mist Sawn Flagstone Patio

American Mist Sawn Flagstone supplied by Stone Curators.

Defining sections of a patio with different materials is a great way to add color, texture, and atmosphere to the overall design, as you can see in this project by Redmond Design Group. The American Mist Sawn Flagstone patio adds dark grey tones with hints of white and green, and is much more than a firepit surround! The firepit with seating becomes an intimate, cozy gathering space tucked into the landscape. The design is also open enough on one side to stay connected to the rest of the outdoor happenings during a bigger event.

Sawn Flagstone can be used in a variety of landscape design projects, and in combination with other materials (including but not limited to other natural stone options.) Whether the patio is designed for a larger area, in multiple spaces, or as an accent, there are many ways to customize it to create the look and feel of your ideal outdoor living space. For more natural flagstone inspiration, including a closer look at raw materials and finished projects, access our free image database now!Explore Image Database