Lisa Miller 4/10/24 8:30 PM 9 min read

3 Projects Featuring the Colonial Tan Collection

Natural stone is valued for its durability and timeless elegance--and has many options available to fit your project style and needs. Each natural stone collection has a unique color palette and distinguishing characteristics, which are tranformed by masons and stoneworkers into spaces that bring people together! One of those natural stone collections is Colonial Tan, which has a color range that includes brown, tan, and light grey. It also features a shimmer or sparkle, noticeable in the light, from the large concentration of mica that sets it apart from other tan collections, like Sterling Tan. These three exterior projects are examples of how the Colonial Tan Collection can add be used to add visual impact and functionality to different spaces.

Colonial Tan Roughly Squares & Rectangles Accent Wall/Fireplace/TV Backdrop

Colonial Tan Roughly Squares & Rectangles supplied by Outdoor Escapes of New England.

Colonial Tan in the Roughly Squares & Rectangles pattern adds a sleek, colorful look to this outdoor accent wall, TV backdrop, and fireplace by Division One Landscaping. The covered space offers a center for recreation with some protection from the elements for relaxing, socializing, and catching the game--or binge-watching a favorite show in open air. When installed over a larger surface area, you can fully appreciate the full color palette of Colonial Tan, which adds warmth and enhances the connection with nature. 

Colonial Tan Ledgestone Step RisersColonial Tan Ledgestone Step Risers supplied by Outdoor Escapes of New England.

The project above shows how using a little bit of stone can make a big impact, especially when adding curb appeal! Colonial Tan in the Ledgestone pattern showcases the colors of the end grain of the stone. The layered look of the Ledgestone pattern adds texture to the design and helps bring different building materials together (including additional stone and brick.) Colonial Tan's color range made it a great choice to complete this project and to create a look that stands out. 

Colonial Tan Exterior Fireplace, Accent Walls, and Step RisersColonial Tan Mosaic supplied by Southridge Farm & Nursery

A fireplace is often the focal point of outdoor living spaces, but the one in the photo above of a sunken patio is a destination of its own! The talented team at StoneFire Outdoor Living used Colonial Tan Mosaic to cover this extensive (and stunning) exterior fireplace, with built-in firewood storage, accent walls, seating, and step risers. The grey tones in the collection are enough to coordinate with the patio, while also creating a beautiful contrast. This project highlights Colonial Tan's mostly tan color range which is versatile enough to work with other colors and building materials.

Colonial Tan adds a range of tan colors (and a hint of contrast and shimmer) to interior and landscape deisgn projects as well--and it's also available as Flagstone (often used for patios, walkways, pool coping, and more.) If you like the look of Colonial Tan but would like more grey than tan, the Spruce Mountain Collection is one to explore. For more natural stone inspiration, including swatches of each collection and pattern option and finished product photos at your fingertips, register for our new (free) digital content database now!