Lisa Miller 2/3/24 9:00 AM 8 min read

3 Unique Interior Fireplaces Featuring Natural Stone Veneer

Natural stone fireplaces have timeless appeal and can add ambiance and elegance to any living space. In addition to personalizing a fireplace with the right natural stone collection and pattern, there are many opportunities to design purposeful and visually impactful features. Here are three interior fireplace projects with creative designs that transform the entire room! 

Colonial Tan Mosaic FireplaceColonial Tan Mosaic supplied by Northern Valley Stone.

Colonial Tan Mosaic Thinstone Veneer combines with other design elements to create this one-of-a-kind leisure space in a project by Coli Construction. The stone collection's shades of tan and grey add depth and contrast to the room, and a slight shimmer enhanced by the lighting. The natural stone accent walls offer organization for an extensive bourbon collection as well as charm, creating a comfortable, stylish atmosphere for gathering and enjoying company. 

American Mist Roughly Squares & Rectangles FireplaceAmerican Mist Roughly Squares & Rectangles supplied by Landcare/Stratham Hill Stone an Outdoor Living Supply Company. 

A fireplace is a central feature by itself, but when built into other elements of the room, it especially stands out. The American Mist Roughly Squares & Rectangles fireplace alongside the staircase (in the photo above) adds color and texture, and creates a cozy aesthetic while also making efficient use of the space. With the talents of KS Hardscapes, and the addition of reclaimed granite to the natural stone veneer, this feature makes a high-traffic area more inviting. 

Old New England Wall Ledgestone FireplaceOld New England Wall Ledgestone supplied by Hi-Way Concrete

The open layout of this living space is what sets it apart, creating a perfect opportunity for a multi-purpose feature like the fireplace in the photo above. Designed by architect Christine Monaghan, the Old New England Wall Ledgestone fireplace and entertainment center doubles as an accent wall to be enjoyed throughout the entire living area! This fireplace/accent wall adds earthy tones, warmth, and personality to the room, and the feature is a focal point for leisure and relaxation from either perspective. 

These projects are a great example of how a purposeful design takes a fireplace to the next level. Whether extending an interior fireplace into an accent wall, or blending it with existing features, there are many opportunities to make this natural stone upgrade as functional as it is beautiful! For more natural stone options, and high-quality project photos to inspire your imagination, register below for access to our brand-new digital content database!