Lisa Miller 6/18/24 3:00 PM 8 min read

3 Home Upgrades Featuring the Greenwich Blue Collection

Each natural stone collection has its own color palette, variations, and unique characteristics, and when combined with design expertise and the skilled craftsmanship of masons, every project has its own signature. When looking for a natural stone collection with grey and blue tones, the Greenwich Blue Collection is a great option to consider. Native to New England and available in five different patterns, Greenwich Blue adds a special touch to interior, exterior, and landscape design projects. Here are three upgrades incorporating Greenwich Blue Natural Stone Veneer, that showcase a few of the many ways it can enhance different spaces. 

Greenwich Blue Roughly Squares & Rectangles Outdoor KitchenGreenwich Blue Roughly Squares and Rectangles Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor kitchen in the photo above features the talents of Beautiful Horizon using Greenwich Blue in the Roughly Squares and Rectangles pattern. The blue-grey color complements the stainless steel appliances and patio, while adding texture and a clean, elegant look to the whole space. The color is also flattering against the landscape and greenery. The end result is a modern, visually appealing space with all the amenities, and an inviting atmosphere to enjoy company and outdoor entertaining. 

Greenwich Blue Mosaic Foundation

Greenwich Blue Mosaic Foundation supplied by Byram Mason, Building & Stone Supply.

The Mosaic pattern on the home foundation (above) showcases the variations of the Greenwich Blue Collection, which is enhanced by the irregular sizes and shapes and how the mason worked them together. The blue-grey stone adds contrast and sophistication alongside the white trim on the windows and door. This project is a good example of how the subtle tones of Greenwich Blue can compliment different materials, and bring them together to achieve a cohesive design.

Greenwich Blue Ashlar Interior Fireplace

Greenwich Blue Ashlar Interior Fireplace with American Mist Hearth & Mantel

In this fireplace design (above) Greenwich Blue Ashlar shows off the inside cut of the stone (where the Roughly Squares & Rectangles and Mosaic feature the face of the stone.) The smaller pieces featured in this collection are skillfully pieced together through the collaboration of Rockport Post and Beam and Larry Luce Masonry LLC. The blue-grey tones add charm and consistency to the design and look stunning with the American Mist Granite hearth and mantel pieces (and wood accents.)

The Greenwich Blue Collection is a great way to add a classic New England touch to a variety of interior, exterior, and landscape design projects. Whether using it to build a feature like the ones you see here or as an accent, natural stone makes a notable visual impact. To learn more about how the different patterns can affect the look of the stone, and the feature you're building, read this previous blog post. For more ways to incorporate Greenwich Blue, or another natural stone collection, into your home design, download the "Natural Stone Residential Design Guide." 

Natural Stone Residential Design Guide