Lisa Miller 1/18/24 9:00 PM 9 min read

3 Ways to Add Flagstone to Your Landscape Design

When it comes to building materials for outdoor living and landscape projects, there are many options and opportunities to personalize your space. Natural Flagstone stands out as a timeless and versatile choice for enhancing a variety of outdoor areas, and the skilled craftsmanship and expertise of a mason helps create one-of-a-kind designs that complement the landscape as well as other building materials and features. Here are three ways to incorporate Natural Flagstone into your outdoor project--and examples of four different collections to consider for your space.

Liberty Hill Flagstone Patio

Liberty Hill Sawn Flagstone (supplied by Stone Curators) completes this pool, patio, and landscape design.

1. Patio 

The photo above features a collaboration between the team at Redmond Design Group and Soake Pools, using Liberty Hill Flagstone for the patio. The blue-grey color, with hints of brown, white, and pink, is on full display and adds color and texture to the landscape design. A perfect spot to relax and disconnect, this design contributes to an immersive leisure space that is connected to nature for the ultimate escape right at home! This project is also a great example of a backyard transformation, a recent outdoor living trend that often includes natural stone. 

Colonial Tan Flagstone and Spruce Mountain Flagstone Walkway

Spruce Mountain and Colonial Tan split Flagstone are a perfect blend for this walkway design!

2. Walkway 

Walkways connect different areas and building materials together, and Natural Flagstone adds color, texture, and personality to the transitional space. This flagstone walkway by Exterior Services, LLC, features both Colonial Tan and Spruce Mountain Flagstone! The complementary color schemes of tans and greys, with Colonial Tan having more grey and Spruce Mountain having more tan, look stunning together in this project (especially with the characteristic light shimmer.) This project showcases how natural stone walkways can enhance landscape designs and be a special feature all by themselves.

American Mist Flagstone Firepit SurroundAmerican Mist Sawn Flagstone adds a special touch to multiple elements of this landscape design, including the firepit.

3. Firepit Surround

The project above uses American Mist Flagstone in a patio, walkway, and a firepit surround in a cohesive design (also by Redmond Design Group) that connects multiple components between the house and the pool. The photo above focuses on the firepit surround, which creates a separate, intimate space for gathering, socializing, and enjoying the warmth and ambiance. The dark grey stone, with white, tan, and hints of green, adds a distinct look to the setup that coordinates with different features, colors, and sections of this property. 

As you can see in these project photos, Natural Flagstone adds a touch of elegance to different outdoor living spaces and landscapes and can suit different styles and aesthetic preferences. In addition to the visual appeal, the durability of natural stone makes it suitable and sustainable for high-traffic outdoor areas, with little maintenance. No matter which color collection you choose, Natural Flagstone is sure to add charm and individuality to your project. For more information and landscaping product inspiration, download our Landscape & Saw Shop Products Guide. 

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