Lisa Miller 2/22/24 12:30 PM 7 min read

3 Ways to Enhance Your Firepit Using Natural Stone

Firepits transform backyards into social destinations: they make casual gatherings more intimate and inclusive, and their structure is flexible enough to bring people together in a variety of different settings and spaces. The building materials used for the firepit and surrounding elements are an important part of creating outdoor ambiance, which makes natural stone a great option. The timeless beauty and durability of natural stone can enhance your firepit area in multiple ways. From functionality to aesthetic accents, here are three ways to incorporate natural stone into your firepit and elevate your outdoor experience!

CT Blend natural stone firepitConnecticut Blend firepit, with stone supplied by Southridge Farm Nursery.

1. Firepit Surround

Natural stone can be used to build the firepit itself, which gives it a durable structure and a customized look, like the one featured above by the team at Legacy Landscape. The Connecticut Blend Collection adds a full range of color and sets the tone for the outdoor living area, bringing  classic New England charm to the focal point of this backyard leisure space. 

Fitzwiliam granite sawn flagstone firepit surroundFitzwilliam Sawn Granite Flagstone adds definition to the gathering space. 

2. Extend the Firepit Area 

Using natural flagstone to extend the firepit creates a defined space for seating, and adds elegance and a little formalilty to the gathering area. While the firepit still takes center stage, Fitzwilliam Granite Sawn Flagstone is an attraction in itself with its patterns and variations. It enhances the visual appeal while also making the space more easily accessible and ready for company! 

Old New England Rounds natural stone firepit and seating wallOld New England Rounds seating wall.

3. Seating Wall 

A seating wall takes the patio around a firepit to the next level, in both design and entertainment! Coordinating the materials, like in the project above, creates a smooth, cohesive design featuring Old New England Rounds for both the firepit and the seating wall. The earthy tones and smooth edges help create a relaxing atmosphere that encourages conversation--and is easy to enjoy throughout the seasons. 

When added to different areas as main components, accents, or both, natural stone enhances the look of your firepit and your outdoor aesthetic. Its durability and easy maintenance also make it an ideal fit for outdoor living spaces, no matter how you choose to incorporate it. For more natural stone inspiration, including high-quality photos of finished natural stone projects in a variety of collections, register for our new digital content database!