Lisa Miller 4/18/24 2:00 PM 9 min read

A Perfect Pair: Delgado Stone and Soake Pools Redefine Outdoor Luxury

Pools transform backyards into the ultimate summertime destinations, and maximize opportunities to reconnect with family and friends--and disconnect from daily responsibilities! Soake Pools brings outdoor water fun to a whole new level when it comes to design, quality, and functionality. Combining the best features of a pool and a hot tub, this plunge pool offers customizable options from start to finish, can accommodate spaces a traditional pool can't with less wait time and coordination, and offers a hot or cold option for year-round enjoyment. Soake Pools' focus on high-quality materials with purposeful features creates a perfect fit for each customer. It also sets them apart as a brand, and is a natural alignment with our customer-centric core values. The three projects featured here show how natural stone and Soake Pools complement one another's functionality and visual impact--and create stunning spaces together! 

Old New England Rounds and a Soake PoolA Soake Pool with Old New England Rounds Thinstone Veneer Facade and Waterfall Backdrop

The photo above shows how beautiful it is to enjoy a Soake Pool and the New England landscape in fall (no matter what the temperature of the air, or the pool, is!) The pool installed in a perfect location to immerse the senses in nature, enhanced by the waterfall and backdrop featuring the soothing tones and texture of Old New England Rounds, which are also used to cover the pool. The talent at Redmond Design Group created a true backyard oasis, making the most of the products and atmosphere. With a setup to also enjoy company if desired, this is a great spot to unwind and enjoy the scenery.  

Liberty Hill Flagstone Patio with a Soake Pool.A Soake Pool with a Liberty Hill Sawn Flagstone Patio Surround

The project above, also showcasing the talents of Redmond Design Group, blends a Soake Pool seamlessly into the landscape design. Stone is used in multiple ways here, including in the Liberty Hill Flagstone patio, which, along with the pool, creates the focal point of the garden area. The blue-grey stone, with hints of brown, white, and pink adds color and contrast to the landscape. The greenery and flowers add a splash of color and a connection with nature from every angle. 

Harbor Mist Strip on a Soake Pool surround.A Soake Pool Covered with Harbor Mist Strip 

Regardless of temperature preference, Soake Pools are more convenient and simple to incorporate into an outdoor living space and can be enjoyed throughout the seasons, making them a more cost-effective and valuable investment. The project above, shown in winter, offers recreation throughout the seasons, that is easily accessible from the home. With the craftsmanship of Brennen Lorden Landscape Construction, this courtyard combines different building materials including Harbor Mist Strip, which has a similar layout to brick, and helps bring the design together around the pool. 

No matter how you decide to upgrade your outdoor living space or enhance your landscape design, a Soake Pool is a valuable opportunity to explore--and to coordinate with natural stone. We enjoy every opportunity to connect and collaborate with brands who share our company values, and who strive to provide excellent products and customer service experiences. "We're proud of our elegant, handcrafted product, and when our partners choose a surround product that aligns with its high quality, it elevates the whole experience!" Karen Larson, Co-Founder of Soake Pools, shared with us. We look forward to seeing future projects combining Soake Pools with natural stone, whether it's Thinstone Veneer, Full-Bed Veneer, Flagstone, Wall Caps, and more. To see more finished projects featuring natural stone, to inspire your next outdoor addition, view our Residential Design Guide E-book.

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