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Lisa Miller 12/2/22 12:06 PM 6 min read

Featured Contractor: Kyle from Executive Landscaping (MA)

As a manufacturer and distributor of natural stone materials in the design and build industry, our stone ends up in the hands of thousands of different masons, contractors, and builders every year. Those skilled individuals then use those materials to transform interior, exterior and landscape spaces across the United States & Canada. Without their talent and craftsmanship, the stone would be nothing more than stone on a pallet. Kyle is the first of many design and build professionals we spoke to about his successes, challenges, and favorite parts as a member of our industry. 

Kyle Holt-Cullity is a partner and Operations Manager at Executive Landscaping in Cape Cod (MA), with almost 25 years of industry experience. Their company specializes in landscapes, hardscapes, home design, masonry, construction, and architecture.

CT Blend fireplace by Executive Landscaping

Fireplace featuring Connecticut Blend designed by Executive Landscaping

We work closely with masons on a daily basis so when we asked Kyle about "some of the challenges your business faces?" it was no surprise when he mentioned "the material and labor shortages" that have plagued the industry for nearly 3 years now. Materials are a big consideration in Kyle's day to day,  he went on to say "Materials can impact (a project) in many ways. Quality of the materials can either keep a job on time or delay it. The cost of materials can push a job over budget quickly and reduce margins, and lastly choosing the wrong product for the design can ultimately affect the over desired outcome." This quote from Kyle reinforces the importance of choosing the right material based on multiple factors.Outdoor Living project by Executive Landscaping

Outdoor living project-in-progress by Executive Landscaping 

It is not all about challenges for Kyle, his 25 years of experience have helped him efficiently run projects of all sizes using these two tips: "Having the right personnel for each task, and communication are key to keeping a project running smoothly". Kyle went on to share the importance of being in sync and how difficult it is to recover once that sync is broken.

Like a lot of the industry, Kyle has identified and benefited from what he thinks the project trend is as we wrap up the year and move into 2023 telling us that he expects "we will continue to see an overall investment into the outdoor living space, with areas of focus being pools, kitchens, and outdoor fire pits." Something we have seen as a consistent theme since COVID left almost everyone spending more time at home. After so many years working on a high level, it is important to remember why you do what you do and for Kyle, it is simple, his favorite part "is knowing every project is going to be different and unique in its own way." 

We are excited to watch Kyle and Executive Landscaping continue to succeed as they wrap up a two-year-long project next Spring. Thank you to Kyle for being available and open sharing his experiences and knowledge about the design and build industry. Looking forward to showcasing more industry professionals.

To learn more about Executive Landscaping, visit their website or find them on Instagram! You can also reach them by phone at (508) 790-4777 or by email at