Noah Dempsey 5/4/22 10:00 AM 5 min read

Featured Project: Balch Lake Landscape Project

When we think about a landscape design project often times the images of plantings and greenery along with a walkway or patio come to mind. This featured project breaks that mold with an approach to landscape design focusing on one main component: natural stone. Natural stone is no stranger to landscape design projects and is often used for accent walls, walkways, patios and steps to navigate between levels. This project incorporates all of those aspects.

Landscape Design ProjectLandscape Design Project made with Natural Stone

Throughout this multi-tier landscape design, there is consistent use of 2" thick sawn Liberty Hill Flagstone for the walkway and patio. One of the benefits of that material that make it popular are the unique ways it can be installed, with no two projects looking the same. The Green Monster Landscapes team installed the material in multiple ways, using traditional polymeric sand for the patio joints but hand placing river rocks in between the walkway pieces (below). Their attention to detail helped propel this project to the next level.

Liberty Hill Flagstone Patio

Liberty Hill Flagstone Patio and Walkway (Material Supplied by NH Thinstone)

This landscape design project does an excellent job showcasing the versatility of natural stone but more importantly highlights the skill required to transform rocks into functional features. The combined talent of Bryce Hollingsworth (Stonebearmason), Matthew Nunn (MarginedMallet) and the Green Monster Landscapes team is evident after one look at the seats coming off this dry stack fieldstone wall.

IMG-3039-1Dry Stacked Stonewall with Stone Seating

With all of the landscape design projects focused around greenery, there is a special feel and appreciation for a project that relies on natural stone for so many aspects.

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