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Noah Dempsey 2/2/21 7:00 PM 5 min read

Three Collections To Consider When Looking For A Grey Natural Stone

With many different predominantly grey options on the natural stone market it can be difficult to find the right fit. Each natural stone collection is made up of different hues, mica and textures. To help figure out what characteristics fit for each individual project start with these collections: Liberty Hill, Harbor Mist, Black Ash.

Delgado Stone Natural Stone

Square and Rectangle Grey Natural Stone Swatches

The Liberty Hill Collection

This collection is known for it's broad range of grey tones as well as it's warm secondary tones. The Liberty Hill Collection has a prominent pink undertone that is seen throughout each pattern. Some collections display different colors depending on which form the stone is in. The Liberty Hill Collection also includes an occasional tan/rust piece that creates another warm color contrast in bigger projects. 

Liberty Hill SqRec 05

Liberty Hill Square and Rectangle Entry Way

The Harbor Mist Collection

Harbor Mist is the choice for any project looking for a truly grey stone with pop. The mica in the Harbor Mist face creates a clean and modern look with personality. This stone is commonly used as home siding because of it's ability to compliment neutral and bold home accents. This stone is a true luxury building material.

Harbor Mist SqRec 04 (1)

Harbor Mist Square and Rectangle Siding

The Black Ash Collection

Looking for a dark grey stone with gold and white undertones that provide a sleek contrast? This is the right stone for the project. The monochrome color range can compliment or contrast a wide range of spaces and is commonly used alongside classic bluestone treads. The face of the stone pictured in the squares and rectangles project below shows the dark to light grey color range well.

Black Ash Sq & Rec Wall 2 (1)

Black Ash Square and Rectangle Pool 

Although these collections are just the start of predominantly grey natural stone collections. The characteristics of these stones can help lead the project towards the right fit.

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