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Noah Dempsey 6/3/20 1:00 PM 5 min read

Two Different Applications When Installing Ledge Stone Veneer

There are multiple factors that contribute to the appeal of natural stone. Some include the unique and natural yet customizable aspects to any project that calls for the use of natural stone. Depending on the desired look, the most common stone veneer patterns : Mosaic, roughly Squares and Rectangles, Ashlar, Strip, Ledgestone and Rounds. These patterns can then be applied by masons/contractors using different techniques that offer yet another variable to the project. The Ledgestone projects below show two different ways this pattern can be used to transform any indoor/outdoor or landscape area. Harbor Mist  natural Ledge Stone Driveway

Harbor Mist Ledge Stone Wall

The two applications are:

  1. Dry Stack Ledge
  2. Ledge Stone with mortar joints


Dry stacked which creates a natural stacked look that "pops out" from the surface the stone is being applied on. The featured project at the top of the page and the one below show a dry stack Harbor Mist Ledge stone wall that was created to line a new driveway. 

Harbor Mist Ledge stone driveway

Harbor Mist Ledge Stone Wall

The next project is a very popular project that features American Mist Ledge stone applied in the dry stack look. This custom fireplace is a picture perfect feature in a building with natural wood panels and support. The American Mist stone is very popular in the ledge pattern because it strongly features the white streaks on the inside cut of the stone.

American Mist ledge stone showroom

American Mist Ledge Fireplace

This last project showcases the application that features a predominant mortar joint between the stones. There is no structural benefit to adding increased mortar between the stones it is all a preference of style/look. The mortar joint gives the appearance that the stones are more level into the wall they’re being applied to. This stone siding and wall project was made entirely with Montauk Blend Ledge

Montauk Blend Ledge stone siding

Montauk Blend Ledge Stone Siding

Montauk blend ledge stone

Montauk Blend Ledge Siding and Wall

Ledgestone in both applications has been growing due to the style of the stone and the way it shows the inside or end grain cut of the chosen stone.

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