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Locate a Dealer
DelgadoStone 2/10/18 7:52 AM 4 min read

Not All Natural Stone Veneer is Equal

It comes as a surprise to many people but not all natural stone veneer is created equal. There are many factors to consider when making a decision on what stone veneer you’re going to work with for your next project. This article will provide some insight on what to consider as you go through the research and selection process.

Natural Stone Patio

Natural Stone Veneer Choices

When it comes to the right natural stone veneer you need explore which product is right for you. Consider just a few options you will run into:

That only names a few. You would likely expect me to say natural stone veneer from the Northeast is the best. As much as I love our products and take pride in them it would be wrong of me to say we’re the best for every situation. Everyone has a vision and there are many products available to make that vision a reality.

Connecticut Blend Thinstone

CT Blend Stone Veneer Mix

Asking For Help When Picking Natural Stone Veneer

Now that you’re aware of all the choices you can start asking questions. All good research starts online but as you work your way through the process you’ll need expertise. Consider the following sources:

  • Contact the stone manufacturer and ask questions. Even if they don’t sell direct they are usually more than happy to help answer any questions you have. I know we are.
  • Local Mason Supplier: Find a dealer in the area, visit their location, and talk with them. Some of these men and women have worked as masons or contractors so they know more about stone (and other products) than you may expect. The right customer service can save you thousands of dollars.
  • Mason or Contractor: Whoever is doing the install work for your project should have stone veneer experience. They will be valuable resource to help explain factors such as install time, waste, process, and even share their experience on what works best for certain projects.

Natural stone veneer is beautiful to work with an can make a good project a great one. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement but be patient and make sure you do it right so you only have to do it once.