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Noah Dempsey 4/11/22 12:45 PM 4 min read

Projects Highlighting the Versatility of Natural Stone Treads

The advancements in technology at the manufacturing level and throughout the building materials industry have allowed for increased productivity, less labor-intensive practices, and lower costs. Among those benefits is the range of natural stone products being introduced to the industry. One popular new stone product is natural stone treads, which can be utilized in a number of different ways.

Natural Stone Treads

Dusty Rose Natural Stone Treads

These fabricated rectangular pieces are gauged 2" thick in varying lengths, typically to the specifications of individual projects. With a thermal top, these pieces can be used for walkways, pool coping, and steps, and are often used for wall caps (as seen in the picture below.) This landscape design project featured a few different natural stone products including Harbor Mist Roughly Square and Rectangle Veneer, Liberty Hill Treads for the wall cap, and also Liberty Hill Dimensional Steps. All of the complimentary materials throughout the design helped tie the whole space together.

Natural Stone Walland Cap

Harbor Mist Accent Wall with Liberty Hill Cap Installed By Fougere Landscaping

The characteristics of the tread pieces also make it a great fit for pool coping projects. The sawn rectangular shape allows the mason to fit the pieces together with minimal work while being able to place them on the same grade as the rest of the patio. The thermal texture helps protect against any potential slipping while getting in and out of the pool. Incorporating treads into a pool design project as coping adds the beauty of natural stone without using a large amount of material.

Liberty Hill Pool Coping Stone ProductLiberty Hill Pool Coping Installed by Cooper Landscaping

Overall natural stone treads are a highly versatile stone product that masons will continue to use in a range of project-specific applications. The technology and machinery becoming available will continue to expand the boundaries on what can be created from natural stone material and allow for new stone products to be introduced to the market.

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