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Stone Products: Exploring the Different Rounds Collections

There are many different options when considering a natural stone product for your home improvement project. Thinstone veneer is a naturally durable material with even more appeal, even when used for an accent feature or an entire home design. Most of the Thinstone veneer collections are available in five different patterns, however, there are three popular collections of round stones: Old New England Rounds, Newport River Rounds, and Cedar Creek River Rounds. The rounds vary in size from 4 to 12 inches. Much like the other veneer patterns, they can be used for a variety of interior and exterior projects, and are an especially good choice for adding rustic, waterside charm with a New England flair. 

Natural Stone Veneer Fireplace

Fireplace Built With Old New England Rounds By Imperial Landscaping and Masonry With Material From Stonewood Products 

Old New England Rounds are the most popular of the three rounds collections. These fieldstone rounds are harvested from Connecticut and throughout New England, rather than quarried. What sets the Old New England Rounds apart from the river rounds are their weathered texture and colors from exposure to the elements over the course of time. Old New England Rounds are a popular choice for fireplaces, fire pits, exterior stone veneer projects, retaining walls, and more. 

Newport Rounds foundation

This foundation features Newport Rounds provided by NH Thinstone and the talents of Rourke Fine Homebuilding

Newport Rounds and Cedar Creek Rounds are river rounds, typically found in river beds in New England, which smooth the rounds over time. The river rounds are generally smaller than the Old New England Rounds, and some have irregular surfaces. The main difference between Newport Rounds and Cedar Creek Rounds are the colors: Newport Rounds are known for being colorful and include grey, brown, maroon, yellow, tan, and other shades. Cedar Creek Rounds feature more traditionally earth colors: greys, tans, beige, brown, and possible pink hues.

Cedar Creek Rounds Entry 2 (3)

Entry project featuring Cedar Creek River Rounds 

The stone product you choose, in combination with the design and quality craftsmanship from the mason, helps create the look you want and complements your style. Whether your stone product is a major component of your project or an enhancement, choosing the right collection and pattern is an important and impactful part of the process. For more natural stone product inspiration, download our catalog.

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