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Mike Wolfe 2/17/18 1:51 PM 6 min read

The 7 Best Architecture Blogs & Websites

In a recent meeting I had someone ask me what websites and architecture blogs I follow. As we continued our discussion I started to explain why I liked each article and he suggested I create a blog post about this (after emailing them to him) and publish it on our website. That’s how we arrived here.

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The Best Architecture Blogs & Websites

Any time I read an article that features the “best” of anything I always wonder why this person thinks these are “the best”. As you read through my list I ask you to keep in mind these are blogs and websites I find useful and interesting. Everyone has an opinion (use the comment section) and my hope is someone finds one of these resources helpful.

In no particular order, here are some great websites and blogs for architecture enthusiasts:

  1. The Architects Newspaper: This is one of the more recent ones I started paying attention to but have really started to enjoy it. The articles are interesting and they break things down by geography as well as by topic. Quality, consistency, and ease of use is what keeps me coming back.
  2. Land 8: The Landscape Architects Network and a good website to keep a pulse on all things regarding landscape architecture. They have an active community, job postings, and a variety of resources. If you’re more interested in landscape than buildings it’s a good blog to follow.
  3. Architect Magazine: If it weren’t for the ads I could call this my favorite architecture website but either way it’s worth following. They have an abundance of resources and industry information along with projects, products, and technology. It’s easy to spend hours on this site so maybe check it out when you’re not at work.
  4. The AIA: The American Institute of Architects is a great resource for all things architecture but what I rely on them most for are their “Business Intelligence” reports. They collect a good amount of data from their members and it’s a great way to keep your pulse on what’s happening in the industry.
  5. Architectural Record: This website is easy to navigate and full of great content including projects, products, awards, and various other resources. It’s part of a “network” of websites so if they don’t have what you’re looking for there is a good change one of their partners do (I’m a fan of SNAP). Visit this one and consider subscribing to their updates.
  6. The ASLA: For those interested in the world of landscape architecture you should consider the American Society of Landscape Architects website. This website features, news, job opportunities, and education, and more. A great resource for anyone interested in becoming a landscape architect or just learning more about it.
  7. Gensler Research & Insights: Gensler is actually an architecture firm with locations all over the globe. They are continuously ranked as one of the best in the world but the real treasure here lies under the Research & Insights section of their website. The selection of surveys, trends, publications, studies, and their blog make this a must for any architecture enthusiast.

Which one of these is your favorite? Comment on any of the above or let us know about another great architecture website or blog.