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Locate a Dealer
Noah Dempsey 7/17/21 10:00 AM 3 min read

The Concora Corner Podcast Ft. Mike Wolfe

Recently our COO and dedicated leader Mike Wolfe was a guest on Concora's Podcast The Concora Corner hosted by Kip Rapp! Their podcast aims to provide a behind-the-scenes look at Concora, which is a web-based resource for builders, architects, and contractors to find the right material for their job. They also feature industry leaders from the building products industry to share tips, tricks, insights, and education of their businesses and the industry.

The Concora Corner and Delgado Stone

For anyone looking for insights on leadership, how to build & maintain company culture while sharing in some laughs this podcast is a great listen. Mike and Kip shared both positive and negative points throughout the episode. Touching on the struggles of supply chain and price gauging and how it's affecting Delgado Stone and the industry. They also dug deeply into two of the core pillars of Delgado Stone which are customer service and culture. Telling stories of past experiences from joining the building materials industry to noticing industry-wide shortcomings and attacking them head-on. Going into detail about how a "people first" mentality and staying true to your company values throughout all aspects of your business internally and externally can create tremendous growth. Always remember that "perfection is the enemy of progress". 

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