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Noah Dempsey 2/20/22 8:00 AM 6 min read

Two Home Design Projects That Showcase Consistency

There is nothing simple about designing a new home in a world with fluctuating lead times and volatile pricing. One way to simplify the process and help manage the craziness that comes with sourcing materials is to use the same material in multiple aspects of the build. For many new homes incorporating natural stone veneer into the exterior design, this means using the material in other ways. 

CT Blend Ashlar natural stone on exterior of homeNew home build in New Jersey ft. natural stone for home exterior

For this home build in New Jersey, the Connecticut Blend Ashlar was the clear choice for the homeowner. This natural stone blend is often used for extensive home and landscape projects because of its ability to compliment a range of materials due to the color profiles of the 5 different collections that make up the blend. Using natural stone for the home exterior is a common practice for the street-facing side of the home to create a sense of originality in a neighborhood full of beautiful homes. The consistent use of natural stone through the front entry way and out the back door creates a connection between whole property. With this covered outdoor fireplace and outdoor kitchen using the same stone and countertop material as the rest of the home, the entire build succeeded in creating a cohesive and consistent design.

Outdoor living space using natural stoneOutdoor kitchen, patio and fireplace using material supplied by Extech Building Materials (NJ)

A consistent design will create a substantial impact for a project of any size. This new home build in New Hampshire took the property to the next level by designing their space in its entirety instead of in sections. Starting with the home foundation, which was covered in CT Blend Roughly Sq/Recs by the masonry team of Landscapes By Aurelindo (NH) the same stone was used around the entire home and also for the risers in between the steps.

walkway and natural stone on home exteriorFront of new home build with Techno-Bloc pavers and CT Blend stone veneer

The Techno-Bloc pavers and natural stone veneer make their way around the whole exterior and seamlessly bring the front and back of the home together. By extending the front walkway to run along the left side of the house, there is no need for guests to enter through the home on their way to your outdoor get togethers. Again, keeping the same natural stone veneer and cap material throughout the build in multiple forms for the outdoor kitchen, fire pit, risers, sills and home foundation. All of this, plus the use of the same plantings and trees throughout the property, make this new build an impressive case study for looking at the home and landscape design as one.

Outdoor living patio with natural stone outdoor kitchen.Patio and outdoor living space incorporating Techno-Bloc pavers and CT Blend Sq/Rec stone veneer.

Any new build that puts an emphasis on creating a cohesive property incorporating both the home and landscape design will add a lasting impact to their space. With countless material options for designing a new home using the same material in multiple areas will help ease some of the stress that comes along with the process. 

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