Lisa Miller 5/20/23 8:42 AM 8 min read

3 Inspired Projects Featuring Old New England Rounds

The Old New England Rounds Collection is a popular choice for many different natural stone projects, from fireplaces to stone walls to poolside waterfall accents. This weathered fieldstone native to New England offers classic charm and a color range including creams, browns, and greys with varying textures. Similar to Old New England Wall, but with a rounded shape, Old New England Rounds are a great way to evoke waterside charm and add classic New England style to any atmosphere. Here are three different projects that incorporated Old New England Rounds to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. 

Old New England Rounds exterior walls and landscape designOld New England Rounds accent walls give this property a stunning makeover. 

The stone wall pictured above in Westerly, Rhode Island is part of an incredible landscape design by Landscape Creations RI. The different, uniquely shaped stone walls throughout the property tie the whole property together while enhancing multiple levels with flowers, plants, and unique accents. The outcome is a peaceful, welcoming space that gives the home its own personality and appeal. Stone Curators supplied the Old New England Rounds for this project, which is also featured in a waterfall backdrop between the spillover spa and pool. 

Old New England Rounds interior fireplaceUsing Old New England Rounds for this interior fireplace adds warmth and contrast to the living space.

The fireplace project (in the photo above) was completely transformed from a previously painted white brick wall in a Massachusetts home. In this design by BC Murphy Landscape, Old New England Rounds supplied by Southridge Farm and Nursery helped create a friendlier atmosphere perfect for relaxation and entertainment. The contrast between the white walls and trim, wood floors, and natural stone gave the room a more open feel and added dimension, while the TV above the mantel added a new element to enjoy leisure time and gatherings.

Old New England Rounds outdoor fireplace and chimney

This project creates extra impact with an Old New England Rounds chimney and outdoor fireplace in one.

The last project featured is a double-feature outdoor fireplace and chimney. While a natural stone chimney creates an impact all by itself, combining it with an outdoor living space makes it even more functional and impactful. The fireplace provides space to enjoy the view (and the beautiful craftsmanship) while socializing and enjoying company all year round. With a design by  NC Personeni and stone supplied by Stonewood Products, this Cape Cod project is sure to be a favorite spot and a conversation piece for years to come.  

Old New England Rounds are a great way to add a traditional New England feel and color scheme, wherever you are. With imagination and the skilled craftsmanship of a mason, the projects featured here are just a few examples of the finished spaces you can create with this stone collection. To learn more, and for more natural stone inspiration, download our catalog. 

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