Lisa Miller 2/8/24 3:30 PM 9 min read

3 Reasons to Include Samples in Your Natural Stone Selection Process

We know choosing the right building material for your project can be overwhelming! This is why we invest time and effort into simplifying the natural stone selection process. One part of that is providing resources that detail products and specifications, and inspire ways to incorporate natural stone into home upgrades. Once your decision is narrowed down to two or three collections we highly recommend seeing the stone in person by requesting samples. We ship natural stone veneer samples regularly across the U.S. and Canada to help ensure satisfaction with the material! Here are three reasons samples will have a positive impact on the outcome, and help make the process as smooth, seamless, and stress-free as possible. 

CT Blend Ashlar Samples from Delgado Stone

Connecticut Blend Ashlar samples ready to package and ship to a customer. 

1. Hands-on Experience

Each piece of natural stone veneer is cut to the specifications of each pattern. Seeing an in-person example of color, texture, and size variations gives you an idea of what your mason will be working with, and helps you envision how your natural stone feature will come together. The sample you receive is a direct preview of the stone that will arrive on the pallet upon delivery, but you can get a much better idea of what to expect when you can see, touch, and lay out the natural stone veneer pieces. 

2. Evaluate the Stone in Your Own Space 

It's one thing to decide what natural stone collection and pattern you like, but you also want to see for yourself how it looks in your actual space, with existing features, lights, colors, and building materials. You can determine how your selection fits into your vision, and if it doesn't, you will know exactly what you need to adjust to find the right fit. 

3. Save Time and Energy

With 21 natural stone veneer collections, and 5 patterns (that most are available in) there is a lot to consider, which makes the selection process time-consuming. Locating the exact combination of collections and patterns you want to see in person can prolong decision-making and the start of your project. We can manufacture the samples you need upon request, and ship them to you right at home. This allows you to focus on other parts of your project in progress.

Having natural stone veneer samples in hand allows you to fully evaluate your options, and to have more productive conversations with masons, contractions and Authorized Dealers. If you would like to request natural stone veneer samples to assist with a current project, there are two ways you can request them now.

1. If you're comfortable differentiating the color schemes and variations between collections, and have a relative idea of what you're looking for, you can order from our Shopify store

2. If you have product questions and would like the support and expertise of our sales team, you can reach out to us here

Labeled CT Blend Ashlar Samples from Delgado Stone

Samples are labeled with the collection and pattern name for easy identification.

Variations are part of the appeal of natural stone, but knowing your selection fits your style, space, and goals, makes all the difference for the result of your project. For more tips on how to select the best natural stone for your project, check out our previous blog post. For more natural stone inspiration, and our newest digital resource showcasing finished project photos in different applications, sign up to access our new content database!