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3 Standout Natural Stone Veneer Designs to Inspire Your Next Project

Natural stone veneer can create functional and beautiful spaces for many indoor and outdoor projects. The only limit to the possibilities is the imagination--and it's inspiring to see the many imaginative and unique ways natural stone materials are transformed in the skilled hands of masons and contractors. Even though every project is unique because of different stone characteristics, design visions, and installation, here are three natural stone veneer projects that stand out! 

American Mist Ashlar Landscape WallsAmerican Mist Ashlar landscape walls and step risers add appeal to the at-home putting green.

Many backyards feature natural stone veneer fireplaces, firepits, and accent walls, but few take recreational fun to the same level as New England Landscapes did in the project above! A backyard putting green takes a little competitive edge home from the golf course, for solo enjoyment or with company that shares the love of the sport. American Mist Ashlar accent walls and step risers add definition to the space, and the dark grey stone with hints of white, tan, and green add a beautiful contrast to the landscape. The novelty also makes this a great conversation piece!

CT Blend Mosaic Shower WallConnecticut Blend Mosaic supplied by New Hampshire Thinstone

Incorporating more relaxing, soothing features is a common trend everywhere from backyard spaces to bathrooms, giving them a more spa-like aesthetic. JJ Stone Design and Masonry used Connecticut Blend Mosaic on this shower accent wall to bring the beauty and allure of nature inside. With a wide color range including blue, grey, tan, brown, and cream, the natural stone adds atmosphere, texture, and a splash of color to indulge the senses. The result turns routine into an at-home retreat that eases stress, helps rejuvenate, and adds quality of life. 

American Mist Roughly Squares & Rectangles Interior Fireplace

American Mist Roughly Squares and Rectangles supplied by Landcare Stratham Hill/Outdoor Living Supply.

Interior fireplaces are a common feature and application for Thinstone Veneer, but this one is special because of its unique location! Often the centerpiece of a room made for gathering, entertainment, and leisure time, this interior fireplace turns the space next to the staircase into an experience and creates a warm, cozy aesthetic in a spot that is typically made for passing through. Making efficient use of an otherwise overlooked space, this fireplace makes one of the busiest spots in the house one of the most inviting. This project also incorporates American Mist but in the Roughly Squares & Rectangles pattern. The natural stone reclaimed granite makes the materials as individual as the design! 

Creative designs combined with skilled craftsmanship are the foundation of amazing natural stone projects, and they can enhance any space inside or outside the home. For more natural stone inspiration, including Thinstone Veneer swatches, palletized materials, and completed projects in a variety of different collections, get acquainted with our free, easy-to-search digital content database now! 

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