Lisa Miller 3/31/23 12:02 PM 8 min read

3 Ways to Incorporate Sawn Flagstone into Outdoor Living Projects

The outdoor living season is right around the corner, and talking about different ways to use sawn flagstone is a great way to lead in! Available in a variety of colors and applications, sawn flagstone is 2" thick, and it is sawn on the bottom for easier installation, with a thermal finish on the top for slip resistance. Sawn flagstone is a beautiful, functional, and convenient way to incorporate natural stone into a landscape design as a main component--or in a smaller area as an accent. Here are three ways to consider using it for your next project. 

American Mist Sawn FlagstoneThe fire pit featuring American Mist Sawn Flagstone offers a cozy space to connect with company.

1. Fire Pit

The fire pit in the photo above showcases the color range of the American Mist Sawn Flagstone: dark gray with white, tan, and hints of green. In the photo above you can see, the color range easily complements other features and colors to fit a larger landscape design. Redmond Design Group built the fire pit away from the house, patio, and pool area, which creates an intimate space to gather, socialize, and enjoy. The same material is used on the walkway from the house leading to the pool and patio, tying separate elements of the property together.  

Fitzwilliam Sawn Flagstone

The walkway combines Fitzwilliam Granite Sawn Flagstone with fieldstone from the project site.

2. Walkway

Walkways are a popular way to use sawn flagstone, and this unique project (in the photo above) designed by 603 Stonework and JL Young Landscapes is a stunning example of creativity and vision! Starting with Fitzwilliam Granite Sawn Flagstone, and its smooth grey tones with occasional white striations, the team incorporated fieldstone found on-site for this one-of-a-kind walkway design. The same materials were also used for a separate walkway extending around the back of the property. Since sawn flagstone makes installation easier on site, there is more room for personalization and memorable outcomes like this one.

Sterling Tan Sawn Flagstone

The patio featuring Sterling Tan Sawn Flagstone connects indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces. 

3. Patio

Patios are one of the main components of an outdoor living space, and the central point for entertainment, dining, and socializing. The patio in the photo above includes a pavilion and walkway featuring Sterling Tan Sawn Flagstone, supplied by Landcare Stratham Hill. The color scheme includes medium tans and grays, with some rust and deep brown colors, which complement the exterior design and landscaping. The location of the patio, designed by Woodburn Co. and installed by Piscataqua Landscaping, provides convenient access to the home while preparing and serving food, and makes it easier to host company indoors and outdoors simultaneously. 

In addition to building spaces that are as visually appealing as they are useful, sawn flagstone offers all of the benefits of natural stone, including durability, waterproofing, and stain resistance. Using a building material for outdoor living projects that holds up to the elements and requires low maintenance ensures these spaces will provide many years of enjoyment and opportunities to make memories with family and friends. For more inspiration, download our Landscape & Saw Shop Products Guide. 

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