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Lisa Miller 5/18/22 4:00 PM 6 min read

4 Home Exteriors Completely Covered in Stone Veneer

As a building material, natural stone veneer creates a lasting impact both in appearance and functionality. There are a variety of installation techniques that make a lasting visual impression, and the possibilities rely on the talent and creativity of each mason. On the long-term investment and sustainability side, natural stone stands up well to rough weather conditions and has low water absorption qualities, providing extra protection from the elements. It has a variety of environmentally friendly attributes as well, all of which make it a valuable choice for interior and exterior projects.

Some home and business owners choose to utilize the benefits and the visual impact natural stone veneer offers by making it the focal point of the exterior design. Here are a few examples of projects that showcase natural stone veneer as a primary feature.


Connecticut Blend Square and Rectangle

Del Vino Vineyards in Northport, New York

One of our favorite examples is Del Vino Vineyards in Northport, New York, whose main building features 5,200 square feet of Connecticut Blend Roughly Square & Rectangle Thinstone veneer. The Connecticut Blend Collection is made up of 5 stones quarried in CT that offer a wide range of colors. This colorful characteristic helped the property tie in the building with the bluestone walkway, cobbles, fountains, and other landscape accents.


Old New England Wall

Old New England Wall for this Greenwich, CT home provided by Prospero Nursery

This Greenwich, CT new home build by Manor Landscape features a one-of-a-kind keystone archway leading up to the entryway that is the highlight of this build for us. Using Old New England Wall Roughly Square and Rectangle for siding adds natural earth tones and a weathered look, letting the main features and beautifully detailed design work take center stage. This project is a testament to the impact high-quality stonework can make on a design.


CT Blend Mosaic home design

CT Blend Mosaic stone supplied by Devine Brothers

The new home in Connecticut (above) features Connecticut Blend Mosaic siding installed by the Fox Hill Builders team. While the stone itself makes a bold statement, the color range blends seamlessly with the other exterior features, including the shutters, trim, and walkway, giving the home a unique but understated look. 


Custom blend of natural stone veneer

This installation features a custom blend of Full Bed Square & Rec 

Finally, this Northbrook, Illinois home in the photo above features a custom blend of Full Bed Veneer installed by MAL Construction in collaboration with Lurvey Supply. By combining stone collections the homeowner was able to find the color range that fits their project the best. This custom blend of browns and tans also coordinates well with the natural wood accents featured throughout the build. 

However you decide to incorporate natural stone in your space, whether it's an accent or a major component, you'll find plenty of opportunities to create a unique and memorable look. 

To learn more about the options available for your natural stone veneer project, download our catalog. (Note: you might recognize the photo on the cover!)


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