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Noah Dempsey 3/6/21 9:00 AM 8 min read

4 Stone Fireplaces That Shine Alongside Wood

One of the masterful characteristics of natural stone veneer is its ability to conform to, and enhance projects regardless of the existing or accompanying aspects. This is true for projects spanning interior, exterior and landscape spaces with a range of accents to compliment. One of these design accents that natural stone commonly accompanies is wood. Wood is a commonly used building material used in many applications like siding, interior walls, lintels, support beams, and more. This article will showcase four natural stone fireplace projects that star alongside wood aspects. Old New England Rounds Natural Stone

Old New England Rounds Fireplace

1. The Compass Fireplace

Stone: Old New England Rounds
Builder: Rockport Post and Beam
Stonework: Larry Luce Masonry

At the beginning of this article, we should have mentioned the stunning designs and execution by the builders and masons in these pieces. This Old New England Rounds Fireplace is the centerpiece of a new home build that puts an emphasis on design. The different wood types used for the mantel, support beams, floors, walls, and even the railing on the back deck all try to compete with the literal star of this build which is the compass carved into the floor. This fireplace will be the perfect place to warm up from cold Maine nights coming off the back deck. 

2.  Greenwich Blue & Liberty Hill Monster

Greenwich Blue Mosaic Natural Stone Fireplace

Greenwich Blue Mosaic Fireplace

Stone: Greenwich Blue Mosaic & Liberty Hill Mosaic
Authorized Dealer: New Hampshire Thinstone

The stone for this fireplace was chosen to be a powerful contrast. Where the first featured project above used multiple wood tones and types to create a natural range of contrasting colors throughout the home, this home used a consistent wood type throughout the hardwood floors, support, ceiling, and walls. To counterbalance this home blanketed with wood these powerful grey stones created the spark and centerpiece this home was looking for. 

3.  Backyard Cedar Mantel

Montauk Blend Natural Stone Fireplace

Montauk Blend Mosaic Fireplace

Stone: Montauk Blend Mosaic
Stonework: Daniel De Mato
Authorized Dealer: Laurel Stone Supply

We would be remiss to create this piece highlighting fireplaces that complement natural wood without including this fireplace. This project has a few special aspects but none more important than it being created by a father with limited stonework experience for his daughter's new home. We see stunning natural stone features every day, it's great to be able to share a story behind a special project. What also makes this new fireplace special is the cedar mantel that traveled from Long Island, NY to be a lasting aspect of this Connecticut home project.

4. Holiday Showroom Decor

American Mist Natural Stone Fireplace

American Mist Ledgestone Fireplace

Stone: American Mist Ledgestone
Authorized Dealer: Gagne & Son

This is a special fireplace and space for us because it is the showroom at our Authorized Dealer Gagne & Son in Holden, Maine. They chose American Mist Ledge to be the stone on the forever fireplace at their store and built it around two beautiful wood beams. Along with the tall beams are wood panels with a burnt finish  that compliments the fireplace and ties in the whole space.


Wood, stone and other sustainable building materials will continue to be paired together and be a popular trend in interior and exterior design. Sustainable materials like wood and stone are no longer limited to rustic designs. Modern designs are starting to incorporate wood in a big way, a bonus example of this is these support beams made from trees that were on site when this project broke ground.
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