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Mike Wolfe 5/20/17 4:54 PM 6 min read

Is Your Business Fighting or Embracing Technology?

You can fight it but you will eventually lose. We are living in a digital era and it’s moving at a pace most businesses can’t keep up with. No matter who you sell to, your customer has changed the way they do research and buy in the last decade. If you’re not where they are looking your competition will be… leaving you to wonder what happened. Is your business embracing technology?

Embracing change at any company can be a challenge. People are typically set in their ways and reach a level of comfort they want to stay at. Introducing new technology and processes in the workplace can cause anxiety even for those who are most secure in their positions. The fact of the matter is your business has two choices: Fight It or Embrace It.

Embracing Technology

6 Ways to Embrace Technology

  1. Research: It’s not uncommon for people to get excited about a new technology and want to jump right in. Just because someone else is doing it doesn’t mean it’s right for your business and your customer. Research and test methods to see if it will work and how people will react. Even when the change is clearly an improvement someone may not understand why you’re making it.
  2. Test It: You may think it makes sense but if your customer doesn’t think so then you need to assess if it’s worth taking the leap. In the tech world they call it “beta” testing. In manufacturing we test and analyze. As Director of Operations we are running tests every day and analyzing the process before rolling something out.
  3. Communicate: When new technology is being introduced at your company it’s important to communicate why this change is important. Whether the change impacts your team or the way you do business with your customers you must communicate the change. Some of the most effective ways to do this is with team meetings, 1-on-1 meetings, personal emails, phone calls, events, and webinars. No matter how to choose to do it, make sure you communicate the change and everyone is clear on it.
  4. Accept Feedback: Feedback from introducing technology may come internally or from a customer. Regardless of who it comes from, look into the issue and any suggestion that was made. If one person (or customer) is thinking it the chances are there are other people feeling the same way.
  5. Train Everyone: Some will pick it up quicker than others but when anything new is introduced it’s important to train people how to use it properly. If your employees and customers don’t receive proper training they won’t use it or more mistakes will be made than necessary. If you have invested in a SaaS (Software as a Service) program the company likely has a training program or guides to help. Use this time to educate everyone. This will encourage them to use it and increase ROI.
  6. Tech for Tech’s Sake: If after all the testing, implementing, and using you discover it isn’t working, get rid of it. Using new tech because you think that’s what needs to be done is not a solution. The numbers don’t lie. Investing in new technology should help your business grow (reduce costs, increase sales, etc) and if it’s not, shut it down. Don’t chase bad money with good money. It can get costly.

If you are not the most tech savvy person you’re not alone. If you don’t know how to get started talk with a trusted advisor, co-worker, or even a customer. You never know where the best ideas can come from until you explore them. Leave no stone unturned (I couldn't resist) in your quest to adapt to the ever changing technological landscape. A simple change can generate more business than you ever thought possible. 
What technology is your business using to improve the customer experience?