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Lisa Miller 6/29/22 2:08 PM 6 min read

Stone Products: Inspired Spaces Featuring CT Blend

When exploring stone products available for an interior or exterior project, homeowners often look to options with a range of colors to coordinate with existing features. Connecticut Blend, which is one of the most popular veneer collections, is one example of a versatile stone product suitable for a variety of projects. Connecticut Blend is made up of five stones quarried in Connecticut with shades of blue, grey, tan, brown, and cream, and it is available in five different patterns, including Mosaic, Ledge, Strip, Ashlar, and Roughly Square & Rectangle. The pattern also affects the color variation and appearance, based on whether they are cut from the stone face or the end grain. The projects below feature Connecticut Blend, and showcase the different looks you can achieve with this collection, along with the incredible talents of masons and designers!

Hot tub featuring CT Blend Ashlar Stone supplied by Arnold Lumber for this at-home retreat in Rhode Island

This Rhode Island homeowner used Connecticut Blend in the Ashlar pattern for the hot tub, as well as on the fire pit and around the outdoor kitchen. The Ashlar pattern features the end grain of the stone, which is marked by a rougher texture. You can see the full view and scope of the project in the featured photo of this post. The stone selection made it easy to coordinate a larger area with a variety of different features and colors. Division One Landscaping designed this amazing outdoor oasis, which can be enjoyed all year round, even when the pool is closed for the season! 

Shower accent wall designed with CT Blend MosaicStone for this accent wall provided by The Rockshop at New Hampshire Thinstone 

Connecticut Blend also showcases its range of colors and versatility in this shower accent wall. The mosaic pattern featured above is the most irregular of the stone products, and the way the pieces and natural tones fit together helps create a soothing, spa-like feel in this New Hampshire home. In addition to the calming vibes, you can see how seamlessly the stone selection blends with the other elements of the shower. This project is a great example of how a little amount of stone can create a big impact.

Home exterior using CT Blend Square & Rec

Stone provided by Extech Building Materials in New Jersey for this new home project 

This new home build in New Jersey features Connecticut Blend in the Roughly Square & Rectangle pattern. This project showcases how the same stone product can create a range of looks when cut into different patterns. In this case, the colors and square and rectangle pattern in the skilled hands of the mason gave this exterior a sleek look, while coordinating with the other features of the home. 

These are only a few examples of different looks you can achieve with Connecticut Blend (or another natural stone collection.) Whether you're looking to coordinate with an extensive space or a simple feature, the color range and versatility of Connecticut Blend makes it a great option for the project. For more information and design inspiration, download the stone veneer spec guide.


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