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Lisa Miller 9/14/23 4:00 AM 2 min read

Building Materials Podcast: Aligning Marketing and Sales Teams

The Smarter Building Materials Marketing podcast offers insight and inspiration from industry experts on topics like growing leads, increasing sales, and standing out from the competition.  Delgado Stone CEO Mike Wolfe was featured on a recent episode to discuss the company's sales process, marketing strategies, and the value of aligning the marketing and sales teams to achieve success as a whole.

When marketing and sales work independently of each other, it often leads to missed opportunities and inefficiencies. Working together ensures better lead qualification, a more meaningful customer service experience, and effective use of time and resources, among other benefits.  In a podcast called, "Breaking Down Silos: Aligning Marketing And Sales For Business Growth," Mike shares his passion for sales and marketing, along with his efforts to bring two essential parts of his team together. You can listen to the full podcast here!

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