Locate a Dealer
Locate a Dealer
Mike Wolfe 3/7/18 11:59 AM 4 min read

5 Reasons to Work With An Authorized Dealer

We get more calls from people asking to buy direct than you can imagine. Our Customer Experience Team is always happy to help but in the end we ask for their zip code so we can direct them to one of our Authorized Dealers. As more of our competitors shift towards a “direct” model (B2C) we’re focused on developing relationships with the right partners.

Delgado Stone Dealer Display

A Display Setup by an Authorized Dealer

The Benefits of Our Authorized Dealers

  1. They Have Experience: We know all mason supply yards are created equal but as we develop relationships we’re looking to work with the best in the industry. Our dealers may be able to offer expertise we can’t.
  2. Add On Products: We love our stone veneer (and we hope you do too) but by working with our Authorized Dealers you can purchase additional products you need to complete your project. It makes it easy for you take care of it in one place.
  3. Service: The cost for us as the manufacturer to ship to a home or jobsite is usually higher than if we ship to our dealer and they deliver it. It also allows for us to send them all the product and you can choose to take it all at once or in stages. You have options when it comes to service that will save time and money.
  4. Working Relationships: We work hard to develop relationships with our Authorized Dealers so they know us and our products. They will be able to get information from us that we don’t provide the end user (price, inventory, etc). We rely on great communication with each dealer as much as they rely on us for great products they can rely on.
  5. Location: We have a great manufacturing facility in Brookfield, CT but we ship products all over the country. Working with an Authorized Dealer allows you to work with someone locally so all your project needs are met and you can receive the best service possible. If there is an issue our dealers know who to contact and we can work with them to resolve it as quickly as possible.

We’re not in the business of selling B2C and we have no plans to. We enjoy the partnerships we have built and hope to continue them for many years to come. As our company grows we’re excited to strengthen our Authorized Dealer relationships and look forward to the new dealers who join our network.

Have you Downloaded Our New Spec Kit?

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