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Mike Wolfe 2/17/19 2:37 PM 5 min read

Faux Stone Veneer v. Real Stone: What's The Difference?

One of the most common questions we receive has to do with the difference in faux stone veneer and real stone veneer. Faux stone has many names: cultured, manufactured, fake, and artificial are a few that come to mind. It can often be confusing for the first time buyer of these products to determine if they are looking at a real or natural stone product or something that is manufactured. 

Faux StoneSpruce Mountain House

Can you spot the difference between real and fake stone veneer?

This article is not to convince you one way or another as to which is best for you. They both exist and it comes down to personal preference as to which direction you should go. This article is to help educate you on the difference between the two. 

How Is Faux Stone Made?

The biggest difference between real stone and faux stone is the actual product. Faux (cultured or manufactured) stone are cast in molds to create similar shapes and created to look like real stone. They are typically (it may vary based on the manufacturer) a blend of cement and aggregates to try and recreate the look for natural stone. 

Cultured Stone Ingredients

Ingredient Information from a Manufacturer Website 

How Is Real (Natural) Stone Veneer Made?

There is still a process for creating stone veneer but it does not involved adding  chemicals or changing what the final product is: natural stone. I'm not a scientist so I can't speak to how stone forms on planet Earth (or any other planet) but real stone is sourced from quarries or harvested from fields and bodies of water. 

Quarry Stone

Natural Stone Comes from the Earth. Photo Taken In a New England Quarry.

The stone pictured above is used to create real stone veneer. The journey from quarry to your home or building isn't a quick one but as it moves through the process one thing is certain: it's natural stone. 

Oak Ridge Strip Close

Oak Ridge Strip Thinstone Corners & Flats

This is a simplified explanation of how faux stone veneer and real stone veneer are different but it's the fundamental difference between the two. This is not to say one is better than the other (you know my opinion) and faux stone may be a better fit for some projects where natural stone will be for others. The important thing is that you know the difference between the two before you pick one for your next project.