Noah Dempsey 8/15/20 10:00 AM 6 min read

Landscape Trends: Natural Stone Steps

One of the hottest landscape design trends of the year is the use of natural stone steps. As more projects call for sustainable products that are unique we continue to see the demand for these increase across the country. 

Fitzwilliam Granite Quarry Steps to Pine River Pond

Fitzwilliam Granite Quarry Steps

Fitzwilliam Granite Quarry Steps 

Quarry Steps are hand split and because of their size are often used on projects with elevation changes. Green Monster Landscape (NH) shared the first two images with us as they transformed this residential landscape down to Pine River Pond. The project featured our Fitzwilliam Collection Quarry Steps, an antique granite from New Hampshire and was supplied by New Hampshire Thinstone in Ossipee, NH. Notice the use of the boulders along side of the steps to help secure them in place. A beautiful project that blends with the natural surroundings. 

Fitzwilliam Granite Quarry Steps

Fitzwilliam Granite Quarry Step

Colonial Tan Quarry Steps in Maine

Colonial Tan Quarry Steps

Colonial Tan Quarry Steps

These Colonial Tan Quarry Steps supplied by Gagne and Son (ME) provide this homeowner a path to get around their home through a newly installed flower bed. Since this project was started with a more gradual slope the contractor was able to stretch these 12 steps over a greater distance creating a more elegant path. Just like the Fitzwilliam Granite steps above these were also set with boulders to finish off the project.

Liberty Hill Sawn Steps on Lake Winnipesaukee

Liberty Hill Sawn Steps

Liberty Hill Sawn Quarry Steps

These steps might look familiar; they are the Liberty Hill steps installed for the Stephens Landscaping project we’ve previously featured in another blog. Unlike the natural quarry steps above these steps have been sawn to meet specific dimensions for the job. The thermal finish on the top of the step creates a texture that is safe to walk on in different weather conditions. Another joint project involving New Hampshire Thinstone that was very successful.

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