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Mike Wolfe 7/7/18 8:11 AM 4 min read

Natural Stone Steps Are A Growing Trend

If you work in the stone industry it's no surprise to see natural stone steps grow in popularity. These products have been a part of architecture and design for centuries but were typically used on "high end" projects due to the cost. Now they are more available and less expensive so they are used more often. 

Stone Steps

Sterling Stan Steps Added to This Landscape

The Rise of Stone Steps

There are many factors that have contributed to the increased demand for natural stone steps. It's a trend we have been paying attention to for the past few years and one of the reasons we introduced these products to our natural stone catalog in 2016. This year we introduced our Sterling Tan Steps (picture above) which gives us five different types of irregular stone steps. 

Natural Stone Steps

Colonial Tan Irregular Stone Steps

If you're like me you probably want to know what factors have contributed to the increase demand for natural stone steps. You're in luck, I am going to share a few of them with you:

  1. Cost: It's the first question everyone asks: "How much is it?" Advancements in technology have made it easier for stone steps to be produced, delivered, and installed. The competitively priced stone steps are now on par with concrete, bluestone, and other material used for steps. 
  2. Durability: Similar to natural stone veneer, the durability of stone steps make them more appealing. You're likely to have a longer life with stone compared to some of the other products mentioned above. 
  3. Unique: Stone steps are unique in color and size. They can be fabricated to meet specific dimensions but it's possible to use them as is (see Colonial Tan picture above) which means you'll have something truly unique. As more requests are received for "custom", natural stone steps grow in demand. 

Many people look at stone steps as a cost effective way to improve curb appeal and make their home or landscape truly unique. Your project may require a few steps up to a patio or many steps to account for an elevation change. Regardless of your project size, stone steps are now a practical solution for people all over the country.