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Understanding Pennsylvania Fieldstone Veneer

If you visit any mason or landscape supply yard you're almost guaranteed to find Pennsylvania Fieldstone available for sale. Often palletized and called "wall stone", it is native to Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region. PA Fieldstone is most commonly used for landscape projects but we continue to see it grow in popularity as a stone veneer, we call it Fieldstone Dark.

Pennsylvania Fieldstone

Pallets of Pennsylvania Fieldstone 1-3"

Pennsylvania v. Connecticut Fieldstone - What's The Difference?

Pennsylvania (PA) Fieldstone is not to be confused with Connecticut (or New England) Fieldstone. As you might guess these stones derive their name from their native region. In Connecticut and New England the fieldstone is a granite with a medium texture, light brown weathered exterior, and a wide color range when split.

Fieldstone Chimney

Comparison of Connecticut (New England) & Pennsylvania Fieldstone

Although it's primary color is brown, PA Fieldstone typically has a darker exterior with a light texture. When split the color range is usually a blue/grey color similar to bluestone. It's not uncommon for there to be reds or purples mixed in, which is rarely seen in fieldstone from the northeast. 

Each one of these stones has been popular in its native region but now more than ever we are seeing them enter new markets. In 2019 alone we have seen our Fieldstone Dark (PA Fieldstone) has been selected for projects in throughout New England and has even reached the west coast with projects in California and Washington.

Pennsylvania Fieldstone Veneer

Fieldstone Dark Roughly Square & Rec in Narragansett, RI

Not long ago it was less common to see fieldstone chosen from outside of its native region. The cost to harvest the material and transport made it a less attractive alternative. The popularity of thin veneer and palletized full bed has made it possible to ship material in a more cost effective way so it can be used in different regions. 

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Fieldstone Dark Ashlar at The Walkway Over The Hudson State Park (NY)

We're excited to see this beautiful stone reach more people and be selected for more projects not only in Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas but across the country. 


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