DelgadoStone 12/27/18 3:01 PM 5 min read

Fieldstone v. Split Fieldstone: What's The Difference?

One of the most popular stone veneer products is fieldstone. In New England, the fieldstone is weathered and primarily brown, tan, and grey in color, known as "Earth Tones". When originally harvested and used for walls or homes, this stone was often split to make it easier to work with. Rather than accept the split stone as waste, they would still use the split face for their building needs. Unlike fieldstone (Old New England Rounds or Wall), once split, fieldstone becomes unpredictably colorful. A product we call Split Fieldstone

CT Fieldstone

New England Fieldstone Mosaic Pattern

Fieldstone v. Split Fieldstone

The most important thing to remember is these are two different products created from the same stone. When looking to differentiate between the two just imagine if you flipped the fieldstone inside out so the center of the stone would be visible when applied to your project. 

Fieldstone Graphic

A Comparison of Split Fieldstone (top) and Weathered Wall Stone (Bottom)


As you can see from the above pictures the split fieldstone has a variety of colors with minimal weathered veneer while the Old New England wall is about 95% weathered. We source our fieldstone from New England so we can maintain quality and consistency in our products, which continue to be one of our most popular each year. 

Now that you know the difference, which do you prefer? Split Fieldstone or Weathered?