Lisa Miller 9/20/22 9:34 AM 7 min read

Stone Trends: Natural Stone Accent Walls

Natural stone is a popular choice for interior, exterior and landscape home improvement projects  Whether looking for a durable, reliable material, or one that is functional and beautiful, natural stone checks off all of the boxes. All of these characteristics have contributed to the popularity of accent walls for both inside and outside of the home, a great way to create a space that is practical and unique. Featured below are a few projects that feature natural stone accent walls in a variety of living spaces with different designs and purposes. 

Old New England Rounds backsplash

Old New England Rounds provided by The Rockshop at New Hampshire Thinstone 

This outdoor kitchen project by Stephens Landscaping features a modern look and amenities, including an open-air space to follow along with your favorite sports during gatherings. The covered space offers more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors regardless of weather and extends the season for entertainment. The backsplash featuring Old New England Rounds adds a charming, rustic look to the otherwise contemporary design, and it is definitely one of the most memorable parts of this renovation. 


CT Blend accent wall behind fireplace

This accent wall features the Connecticut Blend collection. 

A natural stone accent wall behind this standalone fireplace by Brennen Lorden Land Construction added another layer of warmth and personality to the living space. The color range in the Connecticut Blend collection contrasts and coordinates with the existing colors and features in the room, which helps the fireplace stand out. This space is sure to be a cozy, inviting retreat in the cooler days and nights ahead. 

Sterling Tan accent wallThis project features Sterling Tan provided by Marenakos.

A customized mix of patterns and sizes from the Sterling Tan collection transforms an ordinary interior wall into this stunning feature! The same stone was used in other spaces in the exterior and interior design of this Washington home by Lochwood-Lozier Custom Homes and Wilson Masonry.

By incorporating natural stone, these projects each took an ordinary background and turned it into a standout piece of the project. Using even a small amount of natural stone in any interior or exterior project adds a special touch to any space. For more ideas on how to incorporate this stone trend, or any other natural stone inspiration, into your next project, download our catalog

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