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Noah Dempsey 5/25/21 7:00 AM 7 min read

Three Tan Collections To Consider For Any Natural Stone Project

Earlier this year we wrote about three collections to consider when looking for a grey natural stone. Having an idea for the color range of an upcoming project can be a crucial starting point. With over 120 stone veneer options to choose from it can be difficult to narrow them down without a color in mind. In an effort to make the decision-making process easier start with these three tan collections: Sterling Tan, Colonial Tan, Nutmeg Ridge.

Natural Tan Stones

Top: Colonial Tan Squares and Recs, Bottom Left: Sterling Tan Strip, Bottom Right: Nutmeg Ridge Strip

Sterling Tan Collection 

There is a considerable amount of color range within in all three of these collections, maybe none more than the Sterling Tan. With everything from subtle beige colors to deep browns and dark greys, the Sterling Tan has a natural range of colors that rivals blends made with multiple quarried stones. Sterling Tan is often chosen because of the desire for natural variation without the fear of it being too "busy". Even with all of the colors in this collection they rarely clash with each other and create a look that is consistent throughout the project. The end cut of the Sterling Tan has a very muted color range compared to the colors of the stone face.

Sterling Tan Squares and RectanglesSterling Tan Squares and Rectangles at the Delgado Stone Facility

Colonial Tan Collection 

For any feature looking for a tan/brown stone with deeper browns and darker grey colors, this is the collection to select. The Colonial Tan also contains mica which causes the shine and sparkle in the stone face. In the photo below of the recently finished home design project, it is apparent that while this collection is named after its tan colors there is a large amount of predominantly grey stones. While there are completely grey and brown stones in this collection most of the stones display a mix of colors. This collection strongly resembles the Spruce Mountain Collection which is predominantly grey with less tan/brown.

Colonial Tan Square and RectanglesColonial Tan Square and Rectangle Home Siding By Phil Mastroianni Corp (MA)

Nutmeg Ridge Collection

This collection has a unique range of colors and they are on display throughout every piece. Where the other two featured collections have consistent color patterns throughout each piece the Nutmeg Ridge pieces can have light cream colors and dark rust colors within the same piece. The way the colors are presented on the stone is also unique to this collection. This stone provides further evidence that no two individual pieces of stone look the same. Choosing this collection provides a wide range of colors and designs to any project.

Nutmeg Ridge Strip WallNutmeg Ridge Strip Stonewall Created By Manor Landscapes (NY)

While there are tan and brown stones throughout other collections like the CT Blend, Old New England Wall and Litchfield Mountain these mostly tan stones are the starting point for any predominant tan project looking for unique characteristics. 

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