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Three Unique Installation Designs For Sawn Flagstone

As the manufacturer of natural stone products, we aren't involved during the installation process, which is why it's exciting for us to see each project when it's complete. With the different styles and building trends throughout the country the "best practices" for installation and look vary. This allows for the personal style of the builder, mason, or general contractor to come out while suiting the needs of their client. For material as customizable as the sawn flagstone the possibilities are boundless.

Fitzwilliam Granite Flagstone

Fitzwilliam Sawn Flagstone Installed By Exterior Services (CT)

The Three Different Application techniques featured were created by the stone workers to the specifications of their individual projects.

The two Fitzwilliam projects featured both utilized one of the most common applications. This application requires very little manipulation of the material on-site while still creating a unique design. To create this design, the material is fit together in large pieces with an irregular pattern and finished with a standard joint. This allows the stoneworker to create a unique design without spending time breaking down the pieces. This standard installation practice is pictured at the top of the page and below where the Fitzwilliam Sawn Flagstone pieces were kept as large as possible and fit together by the talented masons on site.

Fitzwilliam Sawn Flagstone Patio
Fitzwilliam Sawn Flagstone Installed By Redmond Design Group (MA)

Where the designs above aim to utilize as much of the material as possible without manipulation, the project below had a different goal. This project emphasized the details and added a unique aspect that took time and patience to complete. This Liberty Hill Flagstone project was installed in smaller pieces that were created on-site. The time spent to create these pieces was a minor process compared to the time spent hand placing the smooth round stones in between the flagstone to set the patio in place. The attention to detail and customization on this project is only a glimpse into the possibilities for unique flagstone applications.

 Liberty Hill Sawn Flagstone

Liberty Hill Flagstone Installed By Green Monster Landscapes (NH)

Creating one-of-a-kind projects using this material is the standard and still, masons are pushing the limits of their team to see how far they can go to create unique designs. The project below incorporates a "honeycomb" design named and installed by the talented Stephens Landscaping team from New Hampshire. Through working with this material on several occasions they've learned to manipulate it in different ways to create completely breathtaking and unique designs. The honeycomb design below was utilized by them for their most recent patio project and left their client with a distinct and eye-catching natural stone patio. 

Liberty Hill Sawn Flagstone Patio

Liberty Hill Flagstone Installed By Stephens Landscaping (NH)

Sawn flagstone has proven to create a huge impact on any patio or pool project looking for unique, natural material. another application benefiting from this material is walkways. Pictured below the American Mist Flagstone leading to the fire pit area utilizes the material differently from the projects featured above. By spacing the material approximately a stride length a part the masons used less material while keeping a consistent look from the walkway to the patio space. They also used the land around the material to set it in place with very little preparation. 


American Mist Flagstone Walkway Installation By Redmond Design Group (MA)

While this sawn flagstone material is already widely popular for the ease of installation and natural beauty of the stone, we expect this material to continue to push the boundaries of patio and landscape design. With this workable natural stone material and the natural competitiveness of the industry, we are excited to see the future of flagstone installations. 

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