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Mike Wolfe 5/26/17 11:00 AM 4 min read

3 Building Industry Stories For Memorial Day Reading

Can you believe it's Memorial Day weekend already? I figured this would be the perfect time to launch a new weekly series we will be publishing. At Delgado Stone we are always reading and exchanging industry information. When someone finds and article they like, it's typically circulated throughout the company. This week we are sharing "5 Building Industry Stories" to help get you through Memorial Day weekend... in case you miss work.

Split Fieldstone Veneer

5 Building Industry Stories to Ready Memorial Day Weekend

Do You Need an Outdoor Fire Pit? This article comes to us from the CADdetails Design Blog. We're noticing a trend in people upgrading their outdoor space with kitchens, grills, fireplaces, and fire pits. The CADdetails team nailed this article and we hope as you read this article you find yourself enjoying some time outside by the fire.

Customer Experience Starts at Home: By this point my colleagues are likely tired of me sharing McKinsey & Company articles but this one was too good to pass up. Corporate culture starts at the top and we have been hard at work to improve the customer experience at Delgado Stone. Regardless of your position within a company, what you do impacts the customer experience. The customer may only see the finished product but every person involved can influence a customer. We focus on quality, consistency, lead time, price, and using technology to make life easier for our customers. I read McKinsey blog posts on a regular basis and this one needs to be shared. You can read it here.

5 Simple Ways to Add Value to Your Home: This time of year the real estate industry is booming. If you're driving around on any given weekend you're likely to see open house signs with balloons and people popping in and out. If you're one of those people selling your home, these suggestions might give you an advantage over your neighbor or the home across town. By thinking a little differently and focusing on forgotten areas of your home you can add value and decrease the listing time when your home is on the market.

We wish everyone a great Memorial Day weekend and we are looking forward to a great Summer season![/fusion_text][/fullwidth]