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3 Granite Collections to Consider as Bluestone Alternatives

Bluestone is a popular choice for landscape design projects including walkways, patios, treads, wall caps, sills, pool coping, and more--but there are many other product options (and design opportunities) including granite flagstone. Granite can take an outdoor space to the next level and is an alternative that delivers excellent visual and functional benefits. Known for its durability, density, and high resistance to scratches and stains, granite is an ideal material for high-traffic outdoor areas. It is commonly grey, but granite can also feature other colors including black, white, and blue, which add color, texture, and unique characteristics to outdoor spaces. The projects here showcase three different granite collections to consider as bluestone alternatives: Liberty Hill, American Mist, and Fitzwilliam.

Liberty Hill Sawn Flagstone Patio and Walkway

Liberty Hill Sawn Flagstone supplied by NH Thinstone.

With its blue-grey tones, Liberty Hill has the closest color range to bluestone, but with its own distinguished New England look, and hints of brown and pink that add color and character to any outdoor living space. In the project above by Stephens Landscaping, Liberty Hill Flagstone sets the tone of this beautiful lakeside leisure space with a patio, walkway, and retaining wall. 

American Mist Sawn Flagstone Walkway

 American Mist Flagstone supplied by Stone Curators.

If you're considering going a little darker than traditional bluestone, American Mist is a great option. Dark grey with hints of white, tan, and green adds a touch of elegance and contrast to landscape designs. The walkway in the project featured above by Redmond Design Group adds curb appeal, and the variations and irregular shapes help set it apart. It is also as durable as it is beautiful, which is an important reason for selecting granite, especially in frequently used areas.

Fitzwilliam Sawn Flagstone Walkway (with Onsite Stone Addition)

Fitzwilliam Sawn Granite Flagstone

If you prefer a more consistent color range and find a lighter grey color appealing, the Fitzwilliam Granite Collection may be the right fit for your project. With a consistent grey, occasional white, and mica, the weathered look enhances different landscape designs. The project above features the talents of 603 Stonework and the team at JL Young Landscape, and combines onsite fieldstone with Fitzwilliam to create a one-of-a-kind walkway that is built to last.

While the photos and examples of granite collections are featured as flagstone, they can also be cut dimensionally, for a more linear and classic look that is similar to bluestone. Exploring one of the above, or any other natural stone collections, adds to the versatility, uniqueness, and functionality of the feature and the project as a whole. You can also explore how to use bluestone in combination with other natural stone collections to add contrast and incorporate the best of each material. For more natural stone inspiration, explore our new digital content database! For natural stone photos from pallet to finished project, simplify the natural stone selection process in minutes. 

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