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Noah Dempsey 10/23/22 10:45 AM 7 min read

How Natural Stone Meets 4 Current Design Needs

Being the world's oldest building material natural stone has been on both sides of design trends. Right now natural stone has the characteristics and qualities that suit a few different needs homeowners have for their projects both inside and outside of the home. The team at Houzz recently asked pros what design features their clients prioritize, and natural stone is one material option that can impact these 4 needs.

Home Construction covered in natural stone

New Home Design By Stoneview Masonry Using Greenwich Blue Squares and Rectangles

  • Durable Materials
  • Natural Materials/Softer Hues
  • Native and Sustainable Options For Landscape Design
  • Outdoor Entertaining Features

Durable Materials

Building using durable materials is important for homeowners both inside and outside of the home. Natural stone is a highly durable and low-maintenance option for home siding and also can be incorporated into exterior home design in multiple ways. Where other materials may need to be cleaned, painted or replaced over the lifetime of your home, natural stone can withstand a lifetime of exposure to the elements. This is true inside the home as well with all of the natural wear on a countertop, homeowners are opting for granite and other durable options.

 Native Materials/Softer Hues

Natural stone wall in front of green landscape

Fitzwilliam Granite Accent Wall  Outside Cape Cod Home Designed and Built By Blue Claw Associates

As sustainability continues to be a priority in more home designs, using native materials from within the region has become more popular. In New England, granite from Connecticut and New Hampshire dominates the market. The range of collections and types of natural stone also offer a balance of both colorful, eye-catching options and collections containing softer hues like the Fitzwilliam Granite stonewall above. These same native collections are popular in landscape design projects as well. The Houzz article also references natural wood and earth tones which reinforce the popularity of fieldstone collections paired with natural wood accents.

Outdoor Entertaining Features

Outdoor dining table on natural stone patio

Old New England Wall Flagstone Patio and Outdoor Living Space By Stephens Landscaping Professionals

When designing any outdoor living area there has been a focus on entertaining, this means having various components to your space. Natural stone is not only an option for the patio material but also for an outdoor kitchen, fireplace or firepit. These different outdoor features can be configured to fit the needs of the homeowner and enable them to entertain any size event.

As priorities shift and design trends change natural stone will continue to adapt to meet the needs of the industry. The different characteristics of natural stone make it a premier option for new home builds, interior and exterior renovations, and landscape design projects of any size. For more natural stone inspiration, download our catalog. 

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