Lisa Miller 6/6/24 4:00 PM 7 min read

5 Reasons for Students to Consider a Career in Natural Stone Manufacturing

It's the time of year for graduation and setting plans in motion for the future--which makes it an important time to connect with students to help them align their values and interests with their next steps into the world. Whether plans include college, learning a trade, or a combination of both, the natural stone industry can be a great starting point for rewarding career opportunities. A passion for design, engineering, business, and/or sustainability could make it a great fit! Here are 5 reasons to consider a career in natural stone manufacturing when weighing different paths after high school, and beyond.

Delgado Stone Team Enjoying Company EventDelgado Stone team bonding event onsite at Brookfield, CT manufacturing facility.

1. Build a Range of Career Path Options

A variety of roles and skill sets can be developed through a career in natural stone manufacturing. Entry-level positions including palletizing stone, splitting stone, and operating various types of saws offer great experience working as part of a team, and developing leadership abilities. These skills can grow into roles including, but not limited to, production manager, loader operator, mechanic, or facility maintenance manager. 

2. Combine Tradition with Innovation 

Natural stone manufacturing is an industry where skilled craftsmanship meets modern technology. Students have the unique opportunity to learn centuries-old skills while also contributing to current advancements, which are constantly evolving (and include, more recently, 3D modeling software and sustainable production techniques.) 

3. Align Your Work with Sustainability 

Today's builders, designers, and consumers are more mindful of environmental concerns, sustainable materials, and eco-friendly manufacturing practices. Natural stone is a green material that requires minimal processing from the point of quarrying or harvesting to creating a finished product. Careers in this field offer the chance to be at the forefront of sustainable development and have a positive impact on the environment.

4. Economic Stability 

Even with fluctuations in the economy, there is still opportunity and growth potential in residential and commercial building projects. Natural stone is a preferred material for its durability and aesthetic appeal, which creates demand for skilled professionals who find a sense of pride and accomplishment in beautiful, long-lasting finished spaces. 

5. Collaboration with Other Professionals 

Creating a high-quality finished product requires a team---and working closely with other professionals at different stages of the process creates a sense of community and collaboration. This is a skill that can be brought into any future role or career path and is the basis of supportive work environments where knowledge and skills are shared to reach common goals (and create lasting friendships.) 

Delgado Stone at Ready CT/GDCC job awareness fairDelgado Stone at  a 2023 job awareness fair sponsored by Ready CT and the Danbury Chamber of Commerce

While natural stone manufacturing itself happens behind the scenes, there are a variety of other customer-facing positions that play an important role in the process. Teams in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Administration, and Human Resources provide essential support to build relationships within the company and externally, with customers, Authorized Dealers, and the design community. Natural stone manufacturing is ultimately about building spaces (and experiences) that bring people together! You can learn more about how some of Delgado Stone's teammates' career paths evolved here. And, for a closer look into the end result of natural stone manufacturing, and what kind of features are brought to life in the process, view the E-book "27 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Using Natural Stone." 

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