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Featured Teammate: Mike, Chief Executive Officer

It's been a little over a year since Mike was named CEO of Delgado Stone--but it's been much longer that his leadership and spirit have been an integral part of the company's evolution! Whether he's engaged in team huddles, visualizing future growth, or dressing up for every holiday, his energy inspires the team to engage in purposeful work (with a healthy side of fun.)

Delgado Stone CEO, Mike

Delgado Stone CEO, Mike Wolfe onsite at a quarry.

Mike's company journey began in 2016 when he relocated to Connecticut to be with his wife, who was established in the area. Like many of our teammates, his interest in the company was motivated by opportunity rather than being a part of the natural stone industry. His passion for providing exemplary service, and truly understanding what motivates people, set a new standard for the company's operations. 

Mike's previous experience, working with a digital marketing agency, revealed his passion for analyzing data. Hence, his role in customer service and marketing was a great starting point at Delgado Stone. Joining owner and founder, Brendon, and a handful of others, Mike was willing to start fresh, put the time in, and contribute. "I wanted to learn more, so I asked questions, and Brendon liked to teach and share information," Mike explains. This led to him assisting with resolving shipping issues, managing inventory, and handling quality control, where he assessed current processes and incorporated new approaches accordingly. Mike brought new insight and improvements to every aspect of the business he grew into, which ultimately led to becoming CEO, as Brendon explains. "As he took on more tasks and gained more trust, I could see how much he cared about his job and making an impact at the company," Brendon said. 

As the company grew with Mike's leadership, the focus shifted to "finding good people," rather than ones who fit a defined role. "We wanted to add good people, who are willing to be part of a team, and want to be part of something special and grow personally," Mike shares. Existing teammates were elevated into new roles, too, starting with Ernesto, one of the company's longest-tenured teammates. He went from a stone fabrication role to production, where he eventually became our Production Manager. The customer base was built with the same principles in mind: finding the right fit. "We began focusing on the right dealers and relationships to achieve growth, as well as doing the right thing for the customer. We built slowly, with intention, based on process, quality, and values. Providing excellent service helped the company expand the Authorized Dealer and customer network outside of the Northeast, with the experience of National Sales Manager, JP. The mindful approach to growth was the beginning of the company's current Core Values and Brand Promises. The core values now serve as the baseline for adding to the team, the Authorized Dealer network, and all aspects of future planning and growth.

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Delgado Stone Owner, Brendon, with CEO, Mike, at a company event.

When asked what is the most rewarding part of his job, Mike answers, "Being part of a team and growing together, working with great people toward something, and knowing we’re building something special!" On the technical side: the inspirational element of natural stone is Mike's favorite part of it. "Seeing creativity and skill of the people working with it, seeing it in one form here when the material arrives and pictures of the finished projects... Seeing people’s reactions to the process and the team." If there was one thing he could emphasize about natural stone to those who are less familiar, it would be its versatility. "It can go with any style and any project. It offers an opportunity to be creative, and you can do something unique that will last for generations!" he says. While he doesn't have a favorite Delgado Stone collection and each stands out in its own way, he admits he's fond of Sterling Tan. "We own the quarry, and the acquisition was fun to be a part of!

When Mike isn't at the office, you can find him enjoying time with his wife and family, reading about leadership, learning, and trying new things. Grilling (and using the smoker) has also become a new favorite thing to do on days at home! Mike likes golf, watching sports, and drinking coffee (on or off the job!) "I'm grateful for the opportunity to be the CEO and lead this team--and that the team trusts me to lead. It's the biggest honor I could have," he says about his overall experience. 

We're grateful, too, to have Mike's support as well as his book recommendations, words of wisdom, kindness, and authenticity. Thank you, Mike, for leading by example, and helping us along in the process. For an inside look at one of the ways we strive to make working with Delgado Stone easy, alongside Mike's guidance and leadership, register for our newly released digital content database!


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