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4 Inspirational Natural Stone Chimneys

When deciding on a natural stone feature it's crucial to take all aspects of the work into consideration. This is especially true for fireplace features with beautiful natural stone chimneys that stand out on the exterior of the home. Here’s four inspirational natural stone chimney designs that are important exterior stone features. 

CT Blend natural stone chimney

Connecticut Blend Square and Rec Chimney and Siding.

The featured picture is a chimney and siding from a new home build in Indiana that features Connecticut Blend natural stone in many applications. This chimney and accompanying siding are all made with Connecticut Blend roughly squares and recs. The natural stone chimney enhances the exterior of this home and is a key feature of this home.

Fieldstone Dark Natural Stone Chimney

Fieldstone Dark Mosaic & Ledge Chimney

The next feature is another staple stone chimney that uses Fieldstone Dark veneer which is sourced from the fields of Pennsylvania and New York. As demonstrated above this stone can provide a classic look to a beautiful modern home. This chimney is just one example of why "fieldstone veneer" will continue to be a dominant choice when choosing stone for a project.

Old New England Wall Ashlar Natural Stone Chimney

Old New England Wall Ashlar Chimney

Unlike the two features above this stone chimney feature isn't a gigantic chimney on the side of a new home. However stone on a chimney can make a big impact regardless of size. This Old New England Wall chimney is a perfect example of how using a little stone can make a big impact. When approaching this home it's stone features like this that will stand out. 

Copy of Cedar Creek River Rounds Natural Stone Chimney

Cedar Creek River Rounds Chimney

The last inspirational stone chimney feature is this Cedar Creek River Rounds chimney on the back of this home. This home also features a second matching chimney. The light color range of the rounds complement the strong blue color of the siding. The team at CPC Masonry created a lasting stone chimney feature. 


All of these natural stone chimneys make an immediate impact on the exterior of these homes and although fireplaces get most of the love these chimneys deserve recognition as well. To see another beautiful stone chimney go to the Inhabitable Work of Art Blog that features multiple Fieldstone Dark chimneys that accompany world class fireplaces.

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