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Product Spotlight: The Versatility of Fitzwilliam Granite Treads

Using granite to create timeless spaces is nothing new in the landscape design industry. One classic granite from New Hampshire continues to be a popular choice in New England and beyond. The Fitzwilliam Granite Collection has become popularized for its consistent grey color with stunning white striations. The recent advancements in technology have led to the rise of Fitzwilliam Granite Treads, which have earned a reputation for their exceptional quality and timeless beauty. In this spotlight, we'll explore the unique features and wide-ranging applications of Fitzwilliam Granite Treads, highlighting how they can enhance both residential and commercial projects with their natural elegance and durability.

Front of new home build with natural stone entryway and natural stone siding

Fitzwilliam Granite Treads Front Entryway Alongside Liberty Hill Square and Rectangle Veneer

Key Features

  • Specifications: Treads are almost always cut into rectangular pieces with two long sides and two shorter sides. The standard sizing of the Fitzwilliam Granite Treads is 3-6 feet long, 12”-24” deep, and 2” thick. However, what makes the Fitzwilliam Granite Treads unique to others is the quarry produces large format slabs that can be cut into treads up to 8 feet long.
  • Finishing Options: With expanding fabrication capabilities the Fitzwilliam Granite Treads can be “finished” with either a thermal texture on any of the sides and faces or rock-faced textured on any of the sides. What this means is regardless of the project needs, the Fitzwilliam Granite Treads can be fabricated to fit into many different spaces while maximizing ease of installation.
  • Versatility: The wide array of size and specification capabilities are not the only components of the versatility of this product. The consistent grey color complements other materials including the popular grey and pink color of the Liberty Hill Collection above and the colorful Connecticut Blend Collection in the risers below. Its complimentary characteristics do not stop there with Fitzwilliam Granite Treads also being a popular choice for homes with white, grey, and black accents.

natural stone steps with natural stone veneer risers

Fitzwilliam Granite Tread Stairs Atop Connecticut Blend Mosaic Veneer Risers

Popular Applications

  • Wall Caps: Fitzwilliam Granite Treads can be used as a cap to any new accent, seating, or retaining wall, adding a special touch and durability to any landscape project.
  • Patio Material: The consistency of this material makes it a great choice for full-range patios as an alternative for bluestone treads or other pavers.
  • Steps: Like in the photo above, the Fitzwilliam Granite Treads serve as the steps atop the Connecticut Blend Mosaic Risers, complimenting the blend of 5 veneer colors.
  • Hearthstone: When one hearthstone piece is required, the Fitzwilliam Granite can serve as the last piece to a new fireplace feature.
  • Pool Coping: In the photo below the Fitzwilliam Granite Treads were used for the pool coping. Their light grey color retains less heat than other coping materials, while the thermal texture on the top of the tread makes them a safe option for getting in and out of the pool with wet feet.

New pool install on the water with granite pool coping

Fitzwilliam Granite Treads Pool Coping for New Pool In Hewlett Bay, NY

Fitzwilliam Granite Treads are a versatile, durable, and beautiful choice for a wide range of applications. Their unique qualities make them a valuable addition to any project, big or small. Explore the possibilities with Fitzwilliam Granite Treads, and see how they can bring your next project to life. For more information on the Fitzwilliam Granite Treads, and other products that can transform a landscape design, download our Landscape and Saw Shop Spec Guide which highlights the full range of our fabrication capabilities.

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