Lisa Miller 5/30/24 4:30 PM 8 min read

3 Stunning Spaces That Combine Brick and Natural Stone

Many projects that feature brick and natural stone are brick to natural stone veneer transformations, that create an entirely different aesthetic. There is an immediate impact added with natural stone, and since it is so versatile, it can also be combined with brick--and many other building materials to create stunning outcomes. The projects featured here showcase the skilled craftsmanship of masons and creative designs that bring natural stone and brick together for unique and complementary spaces. 

CT Blend Roughly Squares & Rectangles and Brick Fireplace

Connecticut Blend Roughly Squares & Rectangles supplied by NH Thinstone.

1. Interior Fireplace
The fireplace shown above is a great example of how combining natural stone and brick brings the best of both materials together! The design features Connecticut Blend Roughly Squares & Rectangles natural stone veneer with brick, wood accents, and the talents of Libby's Custom Masonry. The full-color range of the stone collection makes it easy to transition different colors and materials, and the natural wood accents brighten up the room, balancing the darkness of the brick. The renovated space features a traditional look with a modern touch that gives the fireplace, and the entire room, a warm, rustic appeal. 

Colonial Tan Ledge Step Risers

Colonial Tan Ledge for Step Risers and Entry Accent Wall supplied by Outdoor Escapes of NE.

2. Front Entry

Colonial Tan Ledgestone step risers and accents were a great way to add personality to the home in the photo above without a complete renovation. The natural stone collection, featuring brown, tan, and light grey (with a slight shimmer from the amount of mica in the stone) enhances the overall color scheme and the property's curb appeal. The neutral colors in the variety of building materials also help the white and blue trim and accents of the home stand out! The result is an entry that is charming, unique and offers a warm welcome for residents and visitors alike. 

American Mist Ledgestone Exterior Accent

American Mist Ledge for Bank RI's exterior design supplied by Arnold Lumber

3. Exterior Siding 

Even in a commercial space, like the Bank RI featured in the photo above, you can see how the addition of natural stone veneer to the brick building takes the look to another level. The texture and color variations between the brick and the dark grey American Mist Ledgestone create an eye-catching design. The blend of different materials, accents, and landscaping add visual appeal and elegance, and set the stage for a friendly customer experience from the outside in! 

Natural stone is an ideal material for many different interior, exterior, and landscape projects, as a primary feature or an accent. Known for its durability and longevity, it is a great option to combine with brick to create structures that stand out, while minimizing maintenance and environmental impact. For more ways you can combine natural stone with other materials, check out our blog post showcasing three projects that incorporate granite and bluestone! You can also explore ways to use natural stone throughout your home to add functionality and download our Natural Stone Residential Guide.

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