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Why Stone is Ideal For All Climates

 The warm, welcoming look of a stone or partial stone exterior is classic enough to withstand the test of time. You might wonder if stone works well in different climates — and the short answer is yes — but let’s look at this question a little more in-depth.

Stone is most common in the south and central western states, but it adds an elegant touch in any climate.

Stone Exteriors

A mix of Strip, Mosaic, and Ledge, Montauk Blend to Create This Beautiful Exterior

Benefits of Stone Exteriors

Choosing a brick or stone exterior has many advantages. Even though you'll pay more initially, you'll save in replacement costs and by adding value to your home. A stone exterior is also fire-resistant and withstands natural wear and tear from things like hail storms. Researchers indicate that brick lowers heating and cooling costs by about eight percent.

Stone Veneer as an Option

One of the significant drawbacks of a stone exterior is the cost involved in the installation. Brick and stone cost more, and the builder also has to prepare for the additional weight of brick or stone. While they are sturdy, which works well in areas where there are tornadoes or high winds, they are also inflexible, which makes them a poor choice for areas with a lot of earthquakes.

If you are worried about the cost or live in an area prone to earthquakes but love the look of stone, one option is to go with a stone veneer. A thin stone veneer is a less expensive alternative that will maintain its natural color for a longer time than real brick. Brick changes color as it is exposed to the elements, making it difficult to match if you want to add onto your home or repair any damaged bricks in the future.

If you’re on a budget with your renovations, don’t overlook thin stone veneer as a way to get that expensive look without the hefty price tag. It’s also much lighter in weight than full stones, which makes it cheaper to transport and lowers the overall cost of your project.


Use for More Than Siding

You can use natural stone for far more than simple siding for your home. Bring natural elements Interior Stone Fireplaceindoors with a stone countertop or veneer backsplash. Since many modern homeowners are going with a minimalist look, adding natural elements adds simplicity to your overall design concept.

You can also use stone and brick for outdoor fire pits, patios and landscaping. The beauty of natural stone ramps up the overall curb appeal of your home, enticing potential buyers to view your property. You could even use stone for your indoor fireplace, as well.


Stone Is Ideal for All Climates

When you factor in the ability to use thin veneers, you can see that stone works in any climate. It’s a durable, lasting option that takes your home to another level of sophistication while still keeping it warm and inviting. Plus, when you opt for stone veneer, you’ll also enjoy lower project costs overall.


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